qué pasa con las llamadas de voz de WhatsApp

What is true of voice calls via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp lanzo hace poco tiempo una nueva función para realizar llamadas de voz a través de la tarifa de datos o de la conexión WiFi.

Una funcionalidad que no es accesible para todos los usuarios, at least for now.

The popular messaging application began testing this new feature in some selected users, to which were triggered this new option, and since then, The number of users that could make voice calls via WhatsApp was increasing, ya que la nueva funcionalidad se le activaba a los usuarios que disponían de la última actualización de la app y contestaban una llamada dentro de WhatsApp realizada por algún usuario con el servicio ya activado.

But days later, WhatsApp bloqueó la posibilidad de activación, although the service continued operating for those who activated it during the trial period.

A few days ago, la compañía abrió de nuevo la posibilidad de activar llamadas, y comenzaron a surgir los bulos sobre la forma de activar esta nueva opción.

bulo sobre WhatsApp

This message and the like, are hoaxes that began circulating, making the user @ s eager to have this feature enabled on their smartphones send them, without obtain the expected results.

How this function is activated on your mobile?

At present, the activation of calls can be made, although it is unclear whether it will be temporary as above or WhatsApp will leave permanently enabled.

  • First you must have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, the 2.12.5, currently available on Google Play.
  • Se debe recibir una llamada de algún contacto que disponga de la función activada para poder empezar a hace uso de ella.

When answering, you go to have the new functionality enabled and, by clicking on any of your contact WhatsApp, you will see in the upper right corner of the mobile telephone icon, and through him and can call from your application.

  • We also have to have a contract pricing with a phone operator that does not block these services, as several telephone companies have already indicated that some of their fees will not be compatible with these services.

Another detail, las llamadas son gratis pero cuidado con los datos que pueden consumir, may we all get very upset when paying the bill.

If you are a user @ WhatsApp graced with the ability to make voice calls, Tell us your experience, if not well, do not be discouraged, es posible que WhatsApp este preparando el lanzamiento de una nueva versión que incluya las llamadas por defecto para que tod@s los usuari@s tengamos la opción de usarlas.

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  1. First if you are going to do some research, seek with those who know, has more than half a second year running that service alone and is only by invitation from a user who already has activated, there is neither work messages here show, third data service network spends, only son minimum, leean blogs where do real analysis, a call from 5 min barely reach overspend 35 a 56 kbts (Kilobits) I mean that is not even a mega and depends on the network if 3G or 4G, there I leave my number for which you want the calls, solo man whatsapp, no added and knock, send only one message, 5528896174

    • Thank you very much for commenting.
      I agree with you that we must first do some research, and it is also essential read correctly.
      Of course that messages like the image that is in the post circulate and as I say in the post and I repeat are completely false: son turns.
      Please leave your invitation for those wishing to turn this feature, and freely want to have a contact (not known) with activated function.
      Always use and recommend reliable sources.

      Esto es lo que hay de cierto sobre las llamadas de whatsapp

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