motivos por los que pueden cancelar tu cuenta de whatsapp

Reasons why WhatsApp can cancel your account

What if one day you wake up and suddenly you can not access WhatsApp?

For, no sería una tragedia, but given the popularity and use of this application in our daily, the serious anger significant.
That's what happened to more than one user, has been expelled from the popular instant messaging platform with a terse message: "Your phone number is not authorized to use our service".

Is that possible?

Yes it is possible and, además lo hacen sin previo aviso.
When we discharge from the service to download the application accept their Terms and conditions of use, unread sure to be very extensive and well, are only available in English, in which it is stated that WhatsApp has the power to cancel our account if you do not respect or infringe.

Why causes can expel?

You indicated which are:

  • You can not send the same message to many people. Above all, if they have the number stored in your phonebook. It is important that every time you head to a contact you know that it has on its agenda, because otherwise, Whatsapp may think that these annoying or recopying data, Phone numbers for spam, or advertising.
  • By sending “spam”.El envío masivo o repetitivo de mensajes sería una de las razones para la cancelación.
  • If you are blocked by a given (and high) number of people.
  • Por difundir virus u otro “malware” its platform, will be equally serious cause and lead to the cancellation of the account.
  • You can not impersonate another person or user of the service, la suplantación es una causa grave y el servicio podrá cerrar tu cuenta.
  • Tampoco se permite enviar mensajes de contenido comercial o publicitario considerado Spam tal y como se anuncia en las Condiciones y estar prohibido por completo: “You agree not to collect or store any personally identifiable information, including the telephone number, and not to use the communication systems provided by this service for any commercial purpose or spam”.
  • WhatsApp only be used to personally and not for business or commercial purposes.
  • Por enviar material obsceno o ilegal. In the latter case not only will you prohibit access Whatsapp, but also you will report to the authorities of the country in which you find yourself.
  • Protected content by “copyright” or “el secreto comercial” no podrán ser subidos ni enviados a través de la aplicación: “unless you are the owner of such rights or have permission from their rightful owner to post the material and to grant WhatsApp all license rights granted in the Terms of Use”.

Usemos el common sense y realicemos un buen uso de la aplicación, the end of the day is to our benefit and our contacts.

If you have proved useful, compártelo!!

4 thoughts on “Reasons why WhatsApp can cancel your account

    • Is,is, good humor.. that truth is like using Whatsapp sometimes we forget that there are phone calls, However helps us be more press, eso si, always used sensibly.
      Greetings and enjoy a good weekend.

    • One, you must be very careful with the topics discussed in the groups and the messages exchanged, they can not violate the terms of service WhatsApp: namely, may not be illegal content, obscene, threats, manifestar hatred, racism, xenophobia or any other inappropriate or offensive subject.
      If this occurs in a group we belong, it makes sense to erase it.
      Greetings Jerby!!

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