12 funciones para Whatsapp

12 WhatsApp functions that you can be very useful

IM applications are hot, and WhatsApp is one of the most popular today.

We like the least bad, it is in our day and we have to learn to live with it and with our contacts.

Chances are that you have downloaded and you are a great connoisseur of this application user, but if any little trick or function you do not know, he prepared this selection of interesting 12 WhatsApp functions that you can be very useful.

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Do not automatically download the content
Es recomendable configurar WhatsApp para que no descargue automáticamente todo el contenido de imágenes y vídeos que nos lleguen, no sea que entren ‘sorpresillas’ de contactos desconocidos que no nos hagan mucha gracia.

  • To set up automatic downloading of photo, video, o audio: Menu Button > Settings > Ajustes chat > Automatic Download. Multimedia
  • On this screen you can choose when WhatsApp automatically download media.
  • Connected to data: los archivos serán descargados automáticamente cuando estás conectado a datos móviles.
  • Conectado a Wi-Fi: files will be downloaded automatically when you are connected to a Wi-Fi (for example: network at home).
  • In data roaming (Roaming): files will be automatically downloaded for data roaming.
  • Be aware that downloading multimedia data while roaming may result in high costs from your provider.

Beware of photos or videos that come to WhasApp!.

Todo los archivos que lleguen a tu smartphone quedarán guardados en tu galería de imágenes y videos, if there is a material that does not want to see more, you better delete it immediately.


ocultar la hora de conexionHiding the time of last connection
More than anything if you do not want that your contacts know when was the last time you were 'wasapeando'.
If you do not want your contacts are always aware of when your last login: (en Android) menu button > Settings > Account Info > Privacy > Time last time


guardar las conversacionesSave conversations
Se debe ir al botón de menú > select the Settings option to chat > Send by mail chat > There are two options: “No Photo“, to send the information to a text file, the “Attach file”, where you can include images, the videos Iconos.


instalar nuevos emoticonosInstall new emoticons
In the app store on your smartphone (sea Google Play o App Store), there for you to download and you expand tu repertorio of emojis, because a picture says a thousand words.


no descargar automaticamente el contenidoEnviar por correo electrónico tus conversaciones
En Android presiona el botón de menú y luego “Más”, para elegir la opción de “Enviar por correo” desde dentro de la conversación.



crear un grupoCreate a Group WhatsApp
Create your own group is simple, enter the application and see the dialing menu option “New Group“.

Then add the “Subject”, which is the name of the group.

Finally, touches add participants: pressing the sign “+” you contact list to choose friends appears.


cambiar el perfilChange profile picture
Es tan fácil como pulsar el menú > Settings > Profile
Once inside our profile, click on the picture and you can choose between photos of our phone.


cambiar estadoChange the status
Nuestro estado de whatsapp es como el estado de ánimo o la disponibilidad que tenemos para hablar con nuestros amigos.

Therefore, we can select between default states by mobile or write one ourselves.
Change the state is very simple:
The menu button is pressed and then “State”.

To customize the status just press the pencil icon next to the current state and we can write whatever we want.


enviar direccion de nuestra ubicacionEmail address our location
This option allows us to send our friends the address of where we are without asking or write.

Esto se hace gracias al GPS del móvil y a nuestro amigo le aparecerá la dirección en un google maps.
Tenemos que darle al icono del ‘clip’. Click on “Location”, and “Send your current location”.
enviar fotos, videos y audioSend photos, audios and videos
To send a file, either an audio, an image or video, tenemos que darle al icono del ‘clip’.

This option allows the following:
Gallery: To send pictures on our existing mobile.
Tomar Foto: To take a picture at the same time and send.
Video: Within this will allow us to choose a video that already exists (Gallery) or record one at the same time (Camera).
Audio: If we use android, same thing happens with movies, but with sound files. To send an existing audio, selected “Music” and then record one option “Whatsapp”.


crear accesos directosShortcuts

Si tienes a una o varias personas con las que hablas frecuentemente, puedes colocar sus contactos directamente en la pantalla de inicio de tu dispositivo.

Sólo debes hacer un toque largo sobre un contacto y luego en Crear acceso directo.

From there, already have a shortcut on your home screen, with the image of that person's profile, suffice with a touch on the photo to go directly to the chat.


enviar mensajes de vozSend voice messages instantly
It's the closest thing to talking on a walkie talkie Still you have not tried?

Mantén presionado el pequeño micrófono que aparece a la derecha de la línea de ingreso de texto, say what you have to say, the loose and ready microfonito. The recipient will receive your voice message.


Las funciones anteriormente citadas son para smartphones con sistema operativo Android.
If your smartphone has a different operating system than Android may vary slightly, so if you want to know how do it and you're of a curious insight into the application of Whatsaap, you can visit The Official Website.

"Do not lie, not knowing a thing"

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