webs utiles y entretenidas (2)

Websites that you may find useful or entertaining on occasion (II)

A second installment other 10 useful websites that can help you at any given time, if you need to download a video, make a screenshot, buy sell artisan, adjuntar emojis a tus tweets, check emails, or simply if you want to have a fun time doing puzzles or playing the piano, clear that it will be virtually.


  • If you need to attach emojis to your tweets:

webs utiles y entretenidas

Emojis Twitter

A new and free site, besides being very easy to use. We found him a text field to write the tweet and a variety of smileys to choose the most appropriate on each occasion.


  • If you need to generate a snapshot of a complete webpage:

webs utiles que te ayudaran

Capture Full Page
It is a website that lets you enter any URL and the site will process the same information to generate a screenshot of the entire webpage. You do not have to install anything, and you can use the tool from any browser.


  • If you need to check if an email address is valid:

webs que te ayudan

In this place you can put any email, So be it with your own domain, and will give results: if it comes in blue and says “Ok” there, and if it is red and says “Bad” exists in the set is in the (in case of a mail domain itself).


  • If you need to download a video:

webs utiles para ayudarteGDownloader

You can download videos from the biggest websites on the Internet, rapid and easy, without having to leave the site and the best is that it is 100% Free. To do serve only need the URL of the video you wish to download from the site that hosts.
Then you paste the URL in the form on the main page, you hit the button to download videos and only remains for us to wait for it to complete the download to your computer.


  • If you need to buy or sell crafts online:


In this post you will find links to 7 interesting platform to buy or sell crafts online.


  • If you need to know the meaning of emoticons:

webs entretenidas


On this website you will find all emojis that we can use in instant messaging services, as for example in WhatsApp.


  • If you need templates for presentations :

webs con plantillas para power point

Plantillas Power Point.com

Funds will find free PowerPoint slides and designs for use in presentations, sorted by category.



  • If you need to spend time entertaining:

webs para entretenersePuzzlesonline

Puzzles Online The site includes more than 17 classic puzzles, are played directly in the browser and not have to download or install anything, represent the most beautiful images of the most varied themes. Just pick the one you like puzzle, then select the number of pieces that go to make the puzzle (12, 24, 48, 64, 99) and the rest is drag and drop with the mouse, clearly placing each piece of the puzzle in the right place.


  • If you need to practice on a virtual piano:

webs entretenidas que te ayudaran


Virtualpiano emergency is a piano for your PC, donde podrás iniciarte a tocar algo sencillo.


  • If you need to send a message to the future:

webs utiles para ayudarteApunti

Apunti is a simple mail service for sending messages "to the future". You can send them to you to yourself or others. You choose the date and the message is sent when appropriate. It can give you a variety of uses, from sending holiday greetings, to write your memoirs for some offspring receive in the future.


Do you know any other interesting web?

Variety and quantity is abundant on the web, so surely you know other interesting places we can be useful on occasion.

If so, I encourage you to leave a comment indicating that web has proved useful or entertaining on occasion, and the next installment will be shared with all readers.


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