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10 useful and entertaining websites

En Internet hay infinidad de sitios webs interesantes, sitios divertidos o entretenidos para pasar un buen rato, y sitios útiles o funcionales que nos pueden ofrecer notables beneficios en diversas cuestiones.

Nowadays, surf the Internet are something everyday, an activity conducted frequently, so many know these sites, on the ground no bond.

Hoy os citaré 10 interesting sites that can be very useful or entertaining, and anytime you can help.

  • If you need to access any daily newspaper :

A great website with leading world newspapers, to find and access the websites of each medium from the cover of the newspaper itself.


  • If you need to find the latest sites that you like:


Similar sites

Te ofrece un listado de páginas similares a las que busques, sorted by popularity and amount of similarity.


  • If you need to convert online multimedia files from one format to another:

Online Convert

Free online converter that lets you convert media easy and fast from one format to another.


  • If you need to create strong passwords:


This online service can choose the length of the password, choose the degree of complexity, and whether or not we want to take numbers and symbols.


  • If you need a place to listen to the song you want instantly without downloading:


Simply enter the details of the song you are looking for and immediately you appear.


  • If you need to check what other sites listed in a given photo:

Te ofrece la posibilidad de buscar las páginas web que muestran una determinada imagen. Just upload the photo to your server or specify the url and show you a list of sites where this image appears.


  • If you need a tool to write better:


It is a reverse dictionary Castilian, superior to word search the official website of the Royal Spanish Academy alternative.
Type a word or sentence in DIRAE, ground offers you spell check and grammar Instant, but all types of sentences using this in different situations, Definition, slogans, etc..

  • If you need a disposable email:

10 Minute Mail

This page is in Spanish and offers us an email 10 minutes.


  • If you need a great service to keep a backup of your files in the cloud:


We could say that is a drive over to your computer and that you have space in the cloud, something that is ideal for storing documents, photos or other files, a service that allows you to have a copy of your files on Internet, being easier to recall at any time.

All you keep is automatically displayed on all devices you have, as mobile phone, Tablet or laptop and also on the Dropbox website, that you can access from another device (Internet connection).

  • If you need affection or hugs on a bad day:

It's probably the friendliest place you can find on the web. It is more than sure that after making a visit to you a smile to the face.

Do you know any other interesting web?
Variety and quantity is abundant on the web, so surely you know other interesting places we can be useful on occasion. If so, I encourage you to leave a comment indicating that web has proved useful or entertaining on occasion, y será compartida con todos los lectores.

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  1. In Dropbox I could keep my entire blog and have it appear even censorship and I eliminated the original?

    I'm looking for is something like this but as I understand Infomatica just not me if that's possible.


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