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Websites with free templates for Power Point

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular tools in creating a presentation or exhibition of various items, Business, presentation of a product or academia, projecting a slide show via computer.

It is clear that the content of a presentation is most importantly, but it is also essential that the presentation can be clearly seen and read.

Therefore it is significant to have PowerPoint Templates that help us in the time of preparing and decorating presentations.

There are sites specializing in the sale of business PowerPoint templates, animations, 3D effects and more, however, There also free resources from where we can download PowerPoint slides and templates.

If you need to create successful presentations, these sites will help, because they have a large number and variety of free templates to download.

webs con plantillas para power pointPLANTILLAS POWER POINT.com

Free Wallpapers and designs PowerPoint slides for use in presentations, sorted by category.

3 000 templates to choose.

The free PPT templates can be used for presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and new versions of MS Office PowerPoint 2013.

The language of the web is in Spanish, and language of the templates is in English.

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plantillas gratis para power point


The site has more than 1000 Free templates for Microsoft PowerPoint.

You can also use free charts for presentations or illustrations that can be used to decorate the slideshow.

Most PowerPoint templates are compatible with newer versions of Microsoft Office, such as PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, but you can also find templates with backward compatibility with versions like PowerPoint 2007 o inclusive PowerPoint 2003.

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plantillas para descargar de power point


The language of the web is Spanish and English templates.

The templates can be chosen by Color.

With less number of templates, but the site is updated every week.

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