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Looking back nostalgically: music, cómics y series TV

Es bonito cuando echas la vista atrás y recuerdas tu infancia o juventud sintiendo una sensación de emoción y nostalgia del tiempo pasadthe, that feeling of charm at the memory of the absent object or disappeared forever in time.

Nostalgia for the past years, that sad, sweet feeling of what is no longer, presents us sometimes and anything that reminds us of those years we love.

There is more to see the success of the great blog Yo fui a EGB, dedicated to those who study the curriculum of that time in Spain: la llamada Educación General Básica y que realiza toda una conexión entre el pasado y el presente a modo de máquina del tiempo virtual.

Gracias a la magia que nos brinda Internet, podemos viajar un poco en el tiempo y volver a recordar la música, los cómics y las series de TV de aquellos años 70, 80 and 90 so that nothing is leaking.

Además de recordar aquellos aparatos y objetos que hemos dejado de usar por culpa (or to improve) as the rapid advance of technology.

If you are a reader who had not been born or had very young in those years, You can also make a connection between the past and the present discovering music, los cómics, TV series and objects that your parents were related.

The Nostalgia Machinemusica del pasado en internet

machine time to listen to music before

A site that gives us a way to move to the past and listen to the music for a particular year. The music comes from YouTube, and covers the period from 1960 up 2013.
The operation of the site is very simple, just select the year, and the page is filled with YouTube videos of music ... to remind you..


comics en internetComic Book Plus

El sitio donde descargar gratis miles de cómics

Contiene miles de cómics para todos los gustos y totalmente gratis.
The site ranks in two ages comics (Gold and Silver), being able to read those old classics you always liked. The material was mostly in English, but also in other languages ​​including Spanish.
Just go and start filtering your tastes, y así poder leer cómics.


series de tv en internetTelevision series

of age 60, 70 and 80

On this page ELCHEdigital.es have a collection of 101 Most viewed and remembered series of foreign television history as Miami Vice, Dallas, Colombo, Doctor en Alaska, Knight Rider and many more, up 101 series.


Objects that are no longer usedobjetos del pasado en internet

due to technological advances

And if you're longing for those objects and devices that have fallen out of use due to technological advances such as music cassettes, cameras using rolls of film and other, in this post you can cheer a little while to remember.

"All changes, even the most coveted, carry certain melancholy "

(Anatole France)

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