Cómo estar alerta de lo que ocurre en Internet

How to be alert to what is happening with your topics of interest on the Internet

Internet is a large network of knowledge, that stores information of every imaginable kind.
It offers an endless source of content ranging increasing day by day.

This huge amount of information is in our power network, you just have to acquire and manage a good purpose.
Para poder acceder a los temas que más nos interesan y estar siempre informados, we can use a monitoring tools que nos ayudan a estar alerta y vigilar lo que se dice en Internet sobre nuestros temas favoritos.

Podremos vigilar de manera constante que se habla y comenta en Internet sobre el tema que nos interese, about our blog or our business, even if you're curious about what you say about yourself, for, in the huge accumulation of information of all kinds that exist on the Internet, is more than likely get your name listed, even if you have not done anything relevant in Internet.

These 9 Free monitoring tools, help us to detect the content that we are interested in an easy and simple, thus avoiding the loss of time from having to manually parse the content that is generated on the Internet.

Google Alerts para estar al día de lo interesanteGoogle Alerts

Its operation is very simple, any Google service will need to have an account with them, as it will be through your email (Gmail) where we will receive different alerts.
Este servicio de Google te informa con un correo electrónico de los nuevos contenidos que incluye Google en sus índices y cuyo término coincide con la consulta que has especificado. Google Alerts rastrea páginas webs, news portals, newspapers, blogs, Forums and video channels like YouTube. Create an alert is easy:

  • Access the web from Google Alerts
  • We introduce the consultation on the topics that interest us that we want to create alerts.
  • We chose the crawl rate.
  • And select the e-mail where we want to be alerted.

In our account we can enable a Gmail tab where we stored all emails that arrive with alerts, thus have him get more organized.


Yahoo alerts para saber lo que ocurre en internetYahoo Alerts

El popular buscador Yahoo, también tiene su propio sistema de alertas, you need to have (o crear) one Yahoo account to use the service and thus reaching the alerts to our email.
Is somewhat less configurable than Google Alerts ever since we have to abide by a number of categories.

Link to Yahoo Alerts


para conocer lo que sucede en InternetTalkwalker Alerts

It's another simple alternative.

Podemos configurar las alertas según los resultados (all, blogs, news ..) el idioma en que se busquen los resultados, frequency (once a day or once a week) y la cantidad que queremos recibir (all results or better results).
Link to Talkwalker alerts


herramienta para estar informados en internetSocial Mention

Es un buscador que nos muestra los lugares (blogs, microblogs, markers, comments, Google News, etc.) where we indicate the term appears.
The terms are entered on which search information, SocialMention made us and we will throw search results.
Link to Socialmention


herramientas para vigilar temas interesantes en internetBoardReader

Gracias a esta herramienta podremos vigilar todas las conversaciones que se generan en los foros de Internet. Your advanced search system allows filtering by language, date (up to one year) and domain, sort the results by relevance or time and see which are the most active forums. It also offers graphics with the frequency of comments in forums on the last day, week month.

Link to boardreader


herramientas para saber lo que se dice sobre un tema en internetWhostalking

Who’sTalking también es un buscador para localizar dónde se nos está nombrando, a quick way to see what people say about us on social networks, markers, Flickr galleries on Picasa, etc..

Lo bueno de Who’s Talking es que no tenemos que crear una cuenta en particular, but just enough to introduce a name to know what to say about it on social networks. Note that the result soon out.
Link to Whostalking

servicios de busqueda para crear alertasMeltwater IceRocket

Es otro servicio de búsqueda en el que visualizar las distintas menciones que nos hacen por la red. Its main strength is to search blogs, by the high number of media immediacy indexes and practice.

But also tracks Twitter and Facebook.

Link to meltwater

servicios para crear alertas en internetAddict-o-mattic

Track multiple sources: news from Bing, blogs, wordpress, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Delicious… Y presenta los resultados de forma muy visual, grouped according to the platforms that were generated comments.

Link to Addict-o-mattic


herramienta para buscar informacion en twitterTopsy

Allows us to find information in Twitter, so if someone talks about a subject that is of interest within the network 140 characters also receive an alert in your email.
Only need a Twitter account or Facebook account to use the system (although there is an option to pay with many more features).

Enlace a Topsy


9 Herramientas de monitorización en internet


Try them and you'll always be up to date on topics that interest you.

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