15 Webs de iconos e ilustraciones gratis

15 Free Webs of icons and illustrations for your projects

El idioma de la Web te indica 15 Free Webs of icons and illustrations, donde puedes acudir en busca de imágenes libres para ilustrar cualquiera de tus proyectos.

On the net you can find many different images with just a search, pero para poder utilizar esas imágenes deben de disponer de una licencia que permita su uso por parte de terceros y así no vulnerar los derechos de autor.

Lo mejor que puedes hacer si necesitas fotografías, imágenes o iconos para ilustrar una publicación en un blog personal, presentations, Web pages, infographics, wallpapers, create cover for a social network or any other work, es recurrir a los grandes bancos de imágenes libres o gratuitas que existen, in them find the desired image and use according to the terms of its license.

In these 15 Webs puedes conseguir iconos e ilustraciones gratis y de forma legal, with which illustrate and enrich your projects or designs. Remember to read the entire license information for each of the photographs, you going to use.

This Web, which is both time and developer finder own designs, rastrea Internet en busca de vectores, PSD, icons and royalty free photos, and catalogs combined with exclusive content created by your computer. To download the files Freepick no need to register, the only condition is a link. Also, search can be conducted in Spanish.

Image Bank over 40.000 fotos de calidad y con Licencia Creative Commons. It is in Castilian and needless to attribute authorship of pictures.
Here you will find lots of pictures, Artwork, graphic resources and, course, icons, in different formats, all in high resolution. No hace falta registrarse para descargar los archivos, although they meet the requirements of each author attribution established. The website is available in Spanish, but if you make search in English will get many more results (and more varied styles).
Above 450.000 icons and illustrations and 2.500 icon packages offer this search, further including a converter that is different formats. The license varies by author, although all are free to download and without registration. The search can only be done by key words in English.
This site is very original by the style and treatment of the drawings and icons. The download without registration, and offers various sizes for it. All artwork can be freely used in both commercial and non-commercial projects, although the search can only be in English.
In Free
It is a bank of images carefully selected according to their quality, We can use any of the images included in personal projects and commercial, we just worry about meeting the conditions of the license under which are (some may require credit or attribution).
Funciona como un buscador, just enter the keyword or keywords to search your photographic collection. También funciona a modo de directorio de imágenes, organizing them in collections by subject: artists and music, environment, education, business, Food and drink, inspiration, people, nature, etc..
This site gathers around 44.000 Free pictures that you can download and use in our projects.
Dispone de un buscador que nos ayudará a encontrar la imagen que necesitamos, Also we can search browsing the various categories that are organized: nature, animals, constructions, transport, textures, objects, people, graphics, etc..
All Free Download
Este sitio funciona como un espectacular meta buscador de gráficos libres en los sitios especializados de la red. You may find icons, PSD graphics (editing with Photoshop), Typefaces, patterns, vectors, Brushes, Free pictures, Web templates and more.
All resources that are accessed through this website may be downloaded and used on personal projects, are also valid for commercial although in the latter case it indicates that you need to contact the author to get to know the details of the license under which are released.
It has a section devoted to photographs free of charge. Each of these images is shared under the terms of a free license, We can find it next to the image we're going to download, we must respect when using images, for example by giving appropriate credit to the author if the case.
If you are an amateur or professional photographer and want to contribute to this photobank you can donate some of your snapshots. Many will thank you.
We can use the search engine to help us find the image you need, or browse the different categories in which photographs are classified.
Cuando encontramos la imagen que nos interesa podemos bajarla por el método tradicional de hacer clic derecho en el ratón y seleccionar “Guardar imagen como…”.
Es un buscador de imágenes libres que pueden emplearse en proyectos personales o de carácter comercial. When you find the image you're looking for you can download it directly without registration, its tab you will find all the details: License Type, Dimensions and weight, camera that was taken and many other data.
Otro banco de imágenes gratuitas en el que no hace falta registrarse, also gives us much information on the characteristics of the images, size, Number of times downloaded, comments ... before downloading.
Open Photo
Banco de imágenes organizado por categorías y etiquetas para una búsqueda rápida y eficiente. No registration required.
RGB Stock
All images you find on this site are free and suitable for personal and commercial use.
Icon Finder
This site features icons of all kinds. Muestra su librería directamente en la portada, thumbnail icons for columns. When the family of icons that you like will open in a new window and you can download them individually and svg formats, png, ico and icns. It also has a search engine to find everything you need.


15 Webs de iconos e ilustraciones gratis para tus proyectos

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  1. What I use is not a web, but pluging VCGs-Toolbox Victor Campuzano that allows a wide variety of icons for lists. This lets you play with the lists to have a more attractive appearance, striking,… or intention you have at that time…

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