webs para hacer visitas virtuales

Si no puedes viajar ¡Haz una visita virtual!

Tener la posibilidad de conocer lugares del mundo without leaving home and when we want, comfortably seated, desde la pantalla de nuestro ordenador o desde el Smartphone es una de las muchas utilidades que nos permite Internet.

¡¡ Ideal !! webs para realizar visitas virtuales not have to prepare the case and take the passport,or queuing to get tickets, just sit back and travel (virtually) to the sites we want to discover, sitios que tal vez visitemos en nuestro próximo viaje real.

Many people are going on vacation, but for those who stayed at home, te propongo que te pongas cómod@ y desde tu ordenador disfrutes de visitas virtuales a ciudades, museums and wonderful places, you can make a one-click stroke applications:

  • Google Street View, a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic street-level (360 degree horizontal movement and 290 degrees of vertical movement), allowing users to view parts of selected cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas.
  • AirPano is an interesting Web site, featuring photographs from around the world, which will see 360 ​​°, Guided tours can be (automatic) or we can do it manually, with the mouse or keys dirección.Encontraremos spectacular panoramic as the Seven Wonders of the World, Niagara Falls, Moscow, Cancun (Mexico), mention some. Accompanying music according to the place we visited, we can zoom, move between the different images, Podremos and go to specific views of certain places, we can also see articles with reference to the site tour.
  • Somewhere es otro sitio con el que podemos conocer lugares ubicados en cualquier lugar del mundo. Upon entering the page shows us a place to visit, pero basta con hacer clic en el botón “somewhere else” para pasar al siguiente, showing very simply spectacular places you can find on our planet.

If you want you can have fun discovering the world.

visitas virtuales en la red
The Marrows, Carucedo, El Bierzo, Leon.

Además en la Red nos encontramos con muchas Webs que nos ofrecen visitas virtuales, as :

  • Visita virtual a la Sistine Chapel. Una oportunidad para verla en detalle y con tranquilidad.
  • Esta web www.mcu.es/museos/ allows us virtual visits and videos with tours of the various areas of the General Department of Museums in Spain.
  • Google Art Project donde podremos realizar visitas virtuales a los mejores museos del mundo.
  • Virtual tours on this website have various routes through towns of Spain, Italy, Argentina, USA, Mexico and Rest of World. With references to the place we visited, every few minutes and publish news.
  • Virtual.cat tour can be made by hotels, museums, Art Galleries, agencies, Restaurants, and more.

It is clear that in the tour have not the same feeling that a royal visit, but are an easy and fun way to know a place they.

Do you dare to take a virtual tour?

Choose the place you want to visit and enjoy…..

“He who would travel happily, must travel light”

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

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