8 Popular online video platforms

The video online has become very important in recent times, es un tipo de contenido muy demandado en Internet y por ello disponemos de numerosas plataformas que proveen gran cantidad de vídeos de diferentes temáticas.

The online video platforms let you see, share and download (sometimes) online videos, where news is disseminated and massive creative and original content is shared. A place where advertisers also find what they are looking: active users, review and dissemination.

If you want, you usually have to stay or videos, maybe you find interesting some of these platforms:



Plataformas de videoYouTube

It is one of the main platforms for online content worldwide, the best known and famous.

Also, is an integrated social networks like Facebook and Twitter platform,This multiplies the range of videos, generating a big hit when viralizar content.




plataforma de video vimeoVimeo

Users must be registered to upload videos, create your profile, upload avatars, comment and create favorites lists.

It's a site with a simple interface and has a large community of users, Discussion groups specializing in art, thematic channels.

It has tools and applications for mobile phones and tablets from which we can use the platform and climb our videos like we were in a computer.

It also allows to share and store digital videos for users to comment on the page of each.

Not supported TV ads, game shows, pornography or any content that is not created by the user.

Vimeo offers an option for HD videos and features Vimeo Plus, a paid service with a value of about 60 dollars per year, which allows users to upload more material each week (up 5 GB) and upload HD videos without limit. It also allows the creation of channels, and unrestricted groups albums, and display of free videos ad (only user of this service).


videos online daylimotionDailymotion

A suitable site for users interested in the subject can find information as press conferences, speeches, appearances by coaches and soccer players, etc..

It is a website video hosting. Like YouTube uses Flash technology, however, it is distinguished by the use of an encryption engine. Netizens can leave comments on the videos and give them a rating.

Moreover, Dailymotion, unlike YouTube, preserves stereo sound videos. Dailymotion files are organized by category, by keywords and groups. It also has an internal search engine for a keyword search.


plataformas de video onlineVeoh

Is a service that serves as a virtual database of video clips will.

Different from other distribution sites like YouTube, the company distributes video in its original format, without transforming or remove quality when they are uploaded to the web.

Offers a video player with Adobe Flash as rival YouTube, so you can see videos without having to download an additional program.

Not only can upload videos without any size limits, but has an excellent playback quality.

Also, offers the possibility of a player, to download the videos and watch them in full screen on your computer.

For longer videos 25 minutes, Veoh offers only a preview 5 minutes. The full version should be downloaded to the Veoh Player.


video online metacafeMetacafe

Metacafe offers videos created by the users, comedy videos, Internet videos and viral ads, as well as sports and news related

It is a well-known platform.

We need to get an account in order to upload and download our own videos to the computer from a desktop application that offers.


plataformas de video blip.tvBlip.tv

Lets share and upload videos to the numerous proposals red.Cuenta authors who want to present their art.

It is a video sharing website designed for creators of user-generated content. Blip provides content creators in free video web hosting, supports a variety of video formats, provides distribution using technologies such as RSS, and content management by episodes.


plataforma de video online huluHulu

It's a free website, supported by advertising, streaming of TV shows and movies from NBC, FOX, and many other networks and studios. Currently offered only to users in the United States.

The Hulu service is very similar to a TV online, as it offers whole series of chapters in a high quality.

Hulu provides video in Flash Video format in a higher resolution than YouTube, but less than standard definition television, although many other shows and movies are available in 480p. Hulu also provides web services from other web sites, including AOL, MSN, MySpace, Yahoo!, y Fancast.com Comcast.



plataforma de video breakBreak

It is a popular video site known for his comedy videos, movie trailers and funny pictures. Break accepts the most popular video formats such as AVI, WMV, MPG y MOV. The only requirement is that the videos should not be larger than 60MB.

Break provides users three ways to upload the footage: Live from the page, from a mobile phone or sending video directly via email.

We also have the ability to add a photo album in formats like JPG, BMP or PNG in addition to videos.



Do you use any of these platforms?


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