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A good online site to sell handicrafts and offer freelance services

An advantage of the Internet to all those @ s @ s and crafts designer @ s, que quieren dar a conocer y vender sus artesanías It is the ability to reach more people, get people around the world see their products and to show them all what they do.

Una buena manera en un principio de lanzarse al mundo online para todos aquellos que tengan productos creativos es mediante un Marketplace.

In this article: The best platforms to sell or buy handicrafts Internet puedes encontrar información sobre 7 Marketplace interesting, specialized online platforms that connect sellers with buyers, on the one hand, smallholders, craftsmen or merchants can sell and showcase their products, and other consumers can buy these products.

They are perfect places where creative people, young designers and entrepreneurs can publicize their work, Handmade products, creative and unique.

plataforma online ezebee.comToday I want to talk in more detail about one: , because unlike the other platforms, no es un Marketplace exclusivo de “lo hecho a mano”, for although most users are there in this platform are small creative businesses: independent craftsmen and designers who sell a little of everything: jewelry, supplements, fashion, furniture, decoration, también pueden tener presencia y ofrecer sus servicios de freelance (or self-employed, own-account or self-employed) photographers, illustrators, designers, translators ...

Esto significa que cualquiera que tenga un producto o servicio que ofrecer can open a free online store

No fees or commissions, or by opening, nor upload product or for sale.

Platform, not involved in the process of sale, each user is managed with the client and agree among themselves the conditions checkout. So there is not any commission.

El hecho de su gratuidad es una de las ventajas más competitivas frente a otros Marketplaces, but is not the only one to offer

  • It is an international online community and social network combines Marketplace, where part of a community and meet other people from around the world with common interests and generate contacts.
  • Ofrece la posibilidad de crear un blog propio dentro de la plataforma, bring the store to Facebook and even if accounts with your own website, You can redirect visitors from your Web Ezebee.
  • Cuenta con un Magazín online, interview where each week one of the members to promote it, and within the articles section guests, anyone who likes to write about marketing, entrepreneurs, handmade, tendencies, tutorials and design are invited. cuenta también con un apartado tipo venta y cambio, or classified ads, donde puedes crear, free, ads to sell or offer a service, without the need to create an online store. So, have no place in either small businesses who want to create your online store, como los particulares que quieren vender algo, exchange it or offer a service.

Abrir una tienda en es tan sencillo como seguir estos tres pasos:

como abrir una tienda online en

This is a really simple and fast process, but if you need help or more information, cuentas con una atención muy personalizada durante todo el proceso.

Si es el momento de dar a conocer tus productos, all that you do with much creativity and enthusiasm, or want to offer your services for freelance, leverages the resources that offers Internet, un gran escaparate mundial donde puede estar tu oportunidad, no waste it.

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  1. Pues me agrada muchísimo que todavía hay personas de buena voluntad que apoyan a otros a publicar las vendimias como las mías, las pulseras que vendo, ojalá y me compren muchas pulseras ya que no son las únicas pero simplemente las mas baratas para todos y todas. Son bienvenidos al correo y muchas gracias y que tengan buen día y que DIOS LES BENDIGA Y CUIDE SIEMPRE su servidor..

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