Glosario de términos usados en Twitter

Glossary of common terms and words used in Twitter


The popular red social Twitter, a broadcasting platform which write what you think 140 characters and share, it can be a bit tricky to master at first, We can lose between both “follow“, “retuit“,hashtag “” the “follow friday“…
For “do not miss the world of Twitter” y te adaptes a él, I leave a glossary of common terms and words used in this network.

  • @: It is the most important symbol of Twitter. Is placed before the username

@ User (Username)

It is the way that the user name is displayed in the messages you have
envoy. The preceding with the user name @, is a direct link to your
perfil de Twitter.

  • Applications

These are applications or programs online, mobile or desk to help with the use of Twitter. You can get information, manage multiple accounts, tweet from a mobile, etc..

  • Avatar

Is the profile picture that represents each user. Accompanies each of us and represents our tweets on Twitter. It is a small square image that can not be offensive in any way or violate any copyright.

  • Block (block)

The act of preventing a user can be your follower, twets not appear in your Timeline and your not on your list will appear Followings. By blocking a user, this one practically disappear for you. Use the link in the sidebar to view user profile to access the panel lock.
You can “unlock any locked user before visiting their profile and clicking on “unblock”.

  • Bot

Profile robot demand tweets scheduled.

  • Search

By searching Twitter you can search words, hashtags, phrases, users, etc..

  • Direct Messages (DM)

Are Direct Messages can be sent between users. They are private, namely, They are only visible to the receiver and the sender of the message. To send a DM to a user, this must be a follower. To send a DM you can do it from the sidebar, d or by assigning a user name to which you'll send.

  • Favorites

Are tweets each user considers best, We have the most liked and special interest. You can mark your favorites by clicking on the star that appears on the top right of each tweet.

  • Followear

Act to follow another user, become his follower and start receiving your Tweets in your timeline.

  • Folllower/s (Followers)

Follower, who subscribe to Twitter via Twitter each other's user who follows you on Twitter. Every time your “Twittees” something, appear on your timeline and can read it. Account users still takes you from the sidebar, and their number depends on how many friends you have on Twitter, refresh your, and especially, how interesting are your Tweets.

  • Folllowing (Followed)

We follow ... if we have given "following" someone, then we are following.
Are the users you follow on Twitter. Every time one of them posts something appear on your timeline and you can always read it as you do not have “blocked”.

  • FollowFriday o #FF

It is a “hashtag”, when we include it in a tweet we mean that the user we include in our message is highly recommended. These tweets are custom launch Friday (message or recommendation Friday) in recognition of our favorite Twitter users. The hashtag followed accounts that invite follow writes.

  • HashTag (#) (Tag)

The "pad" is used to label Twitter Tweets dealing with specific subjects and easier to find in Twitter. This term helps categorize messages sent on Twitter. To use them, simply the word preceding the symbol is added we categorize.

  • Home

It's our home page in Twitter, shown where we have written tweets.

  • Mentions

Are each of the Tweets in which is included (mentioned) your username. Can you be aware of who calls you and who does not.

  • Lists

They are groupings of accounts, usually selected by theme, that you create.

  • Profile

It is the part of each account is public and visible to other users and for any sailor.

  • Reply

It's a Tweet sent directly to you. To post a reply using the formula @ UserName + tweet to send and the destination user will receive notices in their.

  • Retweet (RT)

They are a way to republish a tweet from one of the users you follow and they consider particularly interesting. Tweet with RT get your Followers those who do not follow the user from the tweet you know the contents of the, maintaining the original authorship Tweet.

There are two ways to Retweet:
Using the formula RT + @ UsuarioEmisor + Tweet interesante. It is the most common and most widespread way in Twitter.
Putting, generally between parenthesis, authorship of the end of the tweet, indicating the original source of the message.

  • Sidebar

On Twitter is the vertical bar on the right of the screen. Usually contains buttons that let you browse our web Profile. Also, displays information about ourselves, data on us and on some pages, advice and tips (English) on the functions that can be performed on that page.

  • Timeline

Basically is the page where the messages of the profiles that we continue to occur and we have written.

  • Trending Topics (TT)

Popular Topics every moment on Twitter. They appear in a drop-down located in the sidebar and give an idea of ​​the importance of Twitter in disseminating news and events. Normally popularity comes down to hours or minutes.
Son hashtag of the most popular themes used at a particular time or on Twitter. If you click on any of them, as if we do on a hashtag, will access all the tweets that have used, we are not followers or who used.

  • Troll

Login using your Twitter account attack other users with aggressive or rude comments.

  • Tweet

Short text message that is posted on Twitter, whose extension has a maximum of 140 characters. Sometimes the tweet with the words' message on Twitter "or" Twitter update "also identifies.
If the user name is spelled ("@ User») followed by the message to be expressed (for example, "@ Corinpave how you are?”), means that the message is sent directly to the person or company to which that user name corresponds.

  • Tweet

Acción the emitir Tweets and Twitter.

  • Tweetters o Twitteros (tuiteros)

Twitter users.

  • Tweetup

Reunión the Tweeters, whether a meeting “on-line” or in person.

  • Unfollowear

Act contrary to Followear, namely, allowed to follow a user on Twitter. Their Tweets no longer appear in your Timeline.

  • Who to follow

Is responsible for recommending Twitter users you might be interested in and these are shown in the right leg.

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