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Curiosities: “Tweeting from beyond”

“When the heart stops beating, will continue tweeting”

So we get the service LivesOn, tool that allows you to stay active Twitter account dead people.

This service developed by an American advertising agency, cuenta con unos algoritmos que aprenden de los tuits originales de the time “before dead” y elaboran tuits con tu estilo y forma para lanzarlos una vez estés………

Allows the user to stay in touch dead “virtual” with fans, to send information and links.


“Welcome to your social life after death”, add the slogan of this service.

Also, users LivesOn may appoint a executor, a person as the executor of his will in the social network, so that it can decide whether to maintain the account active or suspended.

So far only a few have tried 20 people, but has more than 12.000 waiting list.


Normally, when in the language of the web comment on any application or tool, I like try before, in this case is not it, this service today I quote, it has not been tested ni tested, and I hope to take a long time to try it. The same I wish we did not try in ages, however it is good to know that it exists and take note of what can and can not do in the distant future.


Ever, te habías planteado que ocurriríra con tus perfiles de las Redes Sociales una vez que tu corazón dejara de latir?


“Accept the risks, life is but a chance. The man who goes farthest is, generally, who wants and dares to be”

(Dale Carnegie)

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