Consejos para que la bateria dure más

Recomendaciones para que la batería del smartphone dure más

If you have a smartphone you'll agree with me throughout the day, I use to read news, take pictures, ver videos, send messages to our contracts, interact in our favorite social network, etc..

Now, este uso intensivo hace que la batería no dure mucho tiempo, y en ocasiones cuando necesitamos realizar una “llamada importante” la batería de nuestro smartphone esta agotada.

At that moment we miss our old mobile, that your battery lasted us even a week without charge.

The moving companies do not stop working on developing more efficient batteries, but for now our smartphone, data connections or media battery exhausts us and we have to load them very often.

¿Qué puedes hacer para que la batería de tu smartphone dure un poco más?

Aquí van unos consejos para que la batería nos dure algo más, They are easy to perform, and one thing after another will make the battery drain a little slower.

However, not a bad idea to always near a charger, or car adapter or computer.

  • Enciende el bluethooth solo cuando de verdad te haga falta, is one of the tools that consume our smartphone battery. The Bluetooth is used to make data links a few meters away, for example, to transfer the file to a friend of a tone or song. This is something that, actually, rarely do.
  • Lo mismo ocurre con el GPS, if you're not looking for direction from our location we do not need.
  • Set display illumination, since it is another element that will consume more power to your smartphone. Degree of illumination, time off, brightness, etc.. Entra en Ajustes/Sonido y pantalla/ (models the path is Settings / Display) and there you can access the options for both the screen, as to the volume and type of sound. Si lo prefieres puedes activar directamente el “Modo de ahorro de energía”. Sets the timeout of the screen to 15 or 30 segundos como máximo y señala “Auto” para regular su brillo
  • Desactiva la conexión de datos, si te estás conectando a WhatsApp o a tus redes sociales por 3G o 4G no necesitas tener encendido el WiFi, and in contrast, off the WiFi connection if you are not using. If you have the WiFi on, he constantly looks for smartphone access networks, so the battery is not working unnecessarily if you will use. It is a simple and easy way to start saving some energy.
  • Se puede cargar la batería cuando queramos ¡pero no lo dejes horas enchufada!.

It is a widespread myth to think you should wait for the battery flat before charging again for longer life. This happened with the old mobile batteries, the nickel cadmium. Current, the lithium ion batteries can be charged at any time without spoil the least. Yes it is, what is more the heat harms, so do not let time and time plugged, the phone to heat it and that will be very harmful if.

  • En cuanto a las Actualizaciones es mejor hacerlas manualmente que tenerlas activadas automáticamente. The latter makes your phone is constantly looking. And it is more than likely, even if you have dozens of applications installed, often you use only some of them, that interests you will take you to the last.

Trucos sencillos para que la bateria de tu smartphone dure más tiempo

“What you can do, or dream you can do, empiézalo.”


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