uso exagerado del smartphone

Consequences of excessive use of Smartphone

Creo que al leer este post estarás de acuerdo conmigo en que el smartphone ya forma parte de nuestra vida cotidiana.

We use it for many tasks, receive calls, read email, interact in social networks, etc.…a use that is very well, but we turning into slaves smartphone.

But not only makes us slaves, but also when such use is excessive and becomes an obsession, we can start to cause problems, with unas consecuencias cuyo diagnóstico ya tienen nombre, which can be:

  • The nomofobia

Is the clinical term for a person who is afraid at the thought of leaving the house without your mobile phone. That fear or dread can also be produced by the absence of signal or having exhausted battery. People in these cases feel isolated and disconnected from not knowing what is going on with your contacts, unable to read emails or texting.


  • Phubbing

It is a custom that is to ignore the people around you and focus all your attention on mobile phone. Something increasingly common, I do want to know more about Phubbing, click here.

  • Tendinitis and contractures

Another consequence detected by the excessive use of smartphones, Tablets are some conditions in column, neck, hands and fingers. From tendinitis in the wrists and fingers, to fatigue, clumsiness, weakness and tremors in hand members are some of the injuries caused by repetitive motion to write to the smartphone, for example using the application Whatsaap.

The prestigious medical journal The Lancet’ the public would be the first documented case of “WhatsAppitis” World, a similar condition to tendonitis, caused by excessive chatting through applications for smartphones, as WhatsApp.

  • Vision problems

Eyestrain, be produced by more than 8 hours in front of a screen, besides dehydration produces eyestrain eyes. This makes them appear red eyes, headaches, the blurred double vision, inter. To avoid such consequences by excessive use of the devices is recommended rest your eyes every 15 minutes.


  • Vibranxiety or "phantom vibration syndrome"

It is when the phone vibrates or rings, but, no new notifications. It's a new ailment that causes the user creates his smartphone has informed him that an alert has not occurred.

Neurologists at the University of Maryland began using the term "syndrome phantom vibration" to explain the fact that occurs when the phone forgotten in our home or office acts as a sort of phantom limb as our brain interprets signals from the phone as an extension of the body.

Actually, mi opinión es que todos los excesos son malos, must try to find a balance between “how little and how much”….

What do you think ?, Know “something” that the excess is not “bad”?

“Virtue is a voluntary disposition acquired, which is a mean between two extremes ill, each excess and the other default”



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