qué son las Phablets

Apparently the size, you import: Las Phablets

When mobile phones hit the market, back in the 80 had a large, They were large and heavy (as if you carried a "Brick", you wore ear to chat with friends), but the industry was poured into my size reducing them as much as possible.

When we changed mobile, we were looking at the change is that it was smaller and with more features, As we wanted a smaller mobile best, ero lo more Fashion.

However, to get smartphones, the trend of small size mobile change. We needed a bigger screen, because we were going to make more profits than simply a call.

At present not enough to be smart mobile, Have a great operating system or better processor, but also has to see Grande, is the latest trend in the technology market. The evolution of mobile has been marked by the size of their screens.

I speak of the Phablets, name that comes from the mixture of Phone (phone in English) and the word Tablet (tablet in English).

The phablet are simply a mixture of Smartphone and Tablet small, namely, larger than a traditional smartphone but smaller than a Tablet phone, devices over 5 and less than 7 inches, looking to combine the features of Smartphones and Tablets.

The phablet offer us call options, texting, Touchscreen, Virtual Keyboard, integrated camera, webcam, applications, etc.. Typically use 3G or 4G technology for calls and Wi-Fi technology built, like the Tablets and Smartphones.

However, have their advantages and disadvantages, so we must take into account the use you will give, to see if the size you are compensated.

  • With phablet We can carry one device over, rather than having to carry our our tablet and Smartphone.As our clothing or accessories (pockets especially) must be large enough to accommodate it.
  • The battery of the phablet lasts much longer than that of a Smartphone. Besides its built-in cameras are usually 8 Or más.Tienen Megapixel picture quality and sound much larger than traditional Smartphone. Of course all this makes the price of a phablet is quite high.
  • To make calls are considered too big few devices, we need 2 manos for manejarlas, but also keep in mind that whenever Smartphone we use to call less.
  • Width can not hold it with one hand and stretch our thumbs to access its functions (although there may be people who get to perform).
  • It is also important to consider that are smaller than a Tablet and may perhaps be uncomfortable watching movies, videos…etc.


If you encourage the option of getting a phablet you can see some of the best phablets we have in the market at this great post The Year of the phablet

Do you would with a phablet? Could be an interesting option?
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“Al final, ethers different, o Are Cheap "
(Guy Kawasaki)

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