consejos para proteger los dispositivos móviles

10 actions to protect our mobile devices

Internet connection from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasing at an exponential rate.

These mobile devices are already part of our daily lives, every day are more users access to the Internet from these mobile devices, You can say they are like mini computers or palmtops, with which we can perform the same tasks we do on our PC, review them emails, interact on Social Networks, make purchases in online stores, etc.. anywhere and at any time, because of the connection types available as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi o Bluetooth.



The increasing use of mobile devices, He has also brought his Operating Systems they have become the target of malware developers, virus and other threats, in order to get their economic performance scams.

We must therefore take precautions and protect our mobile devices as we protect our PC.



A few months ago published a post 10 Tips for safe surfing , tips that are intended for when we surf the Internet with Pc, but we can also use them for when we do with our mobile devices.

Además hoy esos consejos los amplio con unas acciones básicas for mantener la protección e integridad de los datos que almacenamos y transmitimos con nuestros dispositivos móviles.



1. Lock the device

We enable access to the device PIN. Seria conveniente también establecer un código para el desbloqueo del mismo, so as to prevent its use by third parties, and access to stored data in case of loss or theft or loss.



2.- Anotar el IMEI

It would be important to have scored, in an accessible place outside the device, the IMEI number of your mobile device, as it is unique for each device worldwide and enables operators to disable the phone, even if you change the SIM card if necessary (robo the lost).



3.- Ignore dubious applications

Do not install anything that does not come from a trusted source (in the case of Android, de GooglePlay, Amazon, etc.). We must choose, when in doubt, best known application and run it through before running antivirus. As with our computer, will download any software only from trusted sites or official stores.



4.- Integra un buen software antivirus

Viruses and malicious software problems are increasing at a rapid pace when it comes to Smartphones and Tablets. There are reliable antivirus applications,que te ayudarán enormemente a evitar infecciones.



5.- Create backups

We perform regular backups, para poder estar tranquilos y tener a salvo los datos de agenda, Photos, videos, stored documents, downloads made, etc..



6.- Precaucion with public Wi-Fi and only when necessary

If you're going to send sensitive data, avoids the use of public Wi-Fi. Activate different connectivity methods, bluetooth,Wi Fi, etc., only when necessary, constantly being activated and in public places, nuestros dispositivos se pueden convertir en puertas abiertas constantemente a posibles atacantes.



7.- Upgrade the Operating System

Keep updated the OS of mobile devices, thus we will eliminate possible errors and security holes.



8.- Close the browser session

We will close the session in web services that require our connection credentials at the end of the task we perform.



9.- No acceder a enlaces desconocidos

Will not agree to provide us the links via messages or emails from unknown sources and involving downloading content on your computer.



10.- Be careful what you insert

It is not advisable to insert memory cards in mobile devices, sin haber comprobado antes que están libres de ficheros infectados.

Do you run some more action, to protect your mobile devices ?



“Acquire from this or that young habits of no great significance: has an absolute importance”


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