windows xp terminara

Important:Support for Windows XP will end


Users Operating System Windows XP should be aware that this will be true, support Windows XP It definitely terminate 8 April 2014.

This no means computers that have installed Windows XP stop working but since then Microsoft stopped support, do provide security patches and system updates.

The consequence of this will be that these computers Windows XP will be more exposed to viruses and attacks, will be more vulnerable to security threats, and many software vendors will not extend support for their applications running in Windows XP, like the latest peripherals, that will not be compatible.

windows xp terminaraWindows XP users may use your computer, but may not operate normally, not receiving updates can not fix bugs and system errors.

Windows XP has been 12 years active since the 21 October 2001, Microsoft company Bill Gates, argues that to upgrade to a more modern Windows improves safety equipment.

In this manner, the company wants to take users to use their new systems as Windows 7, 8, and 8.1

The official blog Windows Blog explains the benefits flowing upgrade the operating system and how to update computers (or acquire new models) for the change does not involve new problems, and argues that Windows XP will be removed because there is already a better version and because it is necessary "Carry On".

The alternatives are for users of Windows XP, can be:

  • Continuar con Windows XP, once completed will continue to support XP operating. You will not receive security updates, but having a market share much lower will also focus attention of cybercriminals. The biggest drawback may be in the update programs that are no longer supported, but otherwise it can still be used with proper precautions for safety issues that appear.
  • Install the equipment in a new version, such as Windows 7 or the latest Windows 8, but first you must check whether these versions can be installed on the computer.


To run Windows 7 equipment needed:

***** Processor 32 bits (x86) the 64bits (x64) a 1 gigahercio (GHz) or more

***** Memory RAM 1 gigabyte (GB) (32 bits) the RAM memory 2 GB (64 bits)

***** Available disk space 16 GB (32 bits) the 20 GB (64 bits)

***** DirectX graphics hardware 9 with WDDM Driver 1.0 or superior.

To run Windows 8.1 equipment needed:

Processor: 1 gigahercio (GHz) or faster

***** RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32 bits) the 2 GB (64 bits)

***** Space on hard disk: 16 GB (32 bits) the 20 GB (64 bits)

***** Graphic card: Microsoft DirectX graphics hardware 9 with WDDM Driver

  • Another alternative may be to install another operating system, such as

Linux Mint that is one of the best Linux distributions aimed at easing the transition of users from Windows XP.

It can also be Lubuntu ,that teams with limited resources will work well.

Be aware that this will change and adapt to meet another operating system, which will be different to that spend time using.

Windows XP is an operating system that has been with us for many years. This means that many users may be the only operating system you have ever met.

Eventually everyone will have to make the best decision based on your interests or needs.

“Sometimes you have to decide between a thing that is being used and one that we would like to hear.”

(Paulo Coelho)


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