conceptos derivados de los selfies

Latest Trends: concepts derived from selfies

2013 was the year of the “selfies” Oxford and added the term to its dictionary considering "Word of the year".
2014 brings new concepts derived from "selfies", new fashions that are referenced to selfies but with variations and new.

They have already been forgotten landscape photos and classic family photos or couple, now the trend in photography is another.
New original photos, sometimes shocking, which together with the hashtag # timely, Internet up to the red social Instagram, making this young social network has become a large photographic showcase. It does not have to be an artistic photo, but it can be totally improvised, what counts is to share.

This trend accompanying this social network, has succeeded create a language that leaves us a new vocabulary, then you can meet so you can catch up on the terms coined by Instagram and have managed to become fashion, across borders.

# Aftersex

Users use to label those images in which they are seen with their partners after sex. Pictured in pajamas or tangled in the sheets, pretending to be asleep.Prudence! something so private should not be made public.

# Belfie

Getting a Belfie, means take a picture of the body part where the back loses its name……….

# Drelfie

This term label those images taken yourself intoxicated. Although this fashion, has not caused so popular among celebrities.

# Helfie

This word has also been supported by the Oxford dictionary, and used to refer to an image of own hair.
These self-portraits are very common among celebrities, especially among those known as it girls o bloggers, to show different looks and hairstyles to share with your followers and fans for their opinion on them.

# Usie

The most known and practiced now after selfie is “usie”, consisting of a autofoto but with more people in which it appears not only doing but people autofoto. And go with the USIE, that this trend will be coupled with Barack Obama, Prince Philip and the Pope himself up!.

# Welfie

Autofoto but is a mirror in the gym training to look muscle torso and tight.

# Bookselfie

It is the autofoto of intellectuals and scholars with bookshelves.

# Bikinibridge

The translation is "bikini bridge", and refers to the gap created when the bikini brief is supported on the hip bone and belly rubs not. To achieve this effect you need to be very thin, something that has raised more than one alarm and numerous health experts have called this movement of dangerous.

# Bedstagram

Refers to the newly awakened self portrait. As you wake up, in bed first thing is to take a picture.

# Shoefie

Who does not have a picture of your feet or your shoes? But now the latest craze is to upload next hashtag # shoefie.

terminos derivados de los selfiesHow do you see? What I find most interesting self-portrait?

“Behavior is a mirror in which everyone shows their image”


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