¿es segura la web a la que vas a acceder

How secure is the Web page you're accessing? Analyzes the URL

Today commented two good tools, that are essential to have in your bookmarks or favorites for those times when we doubt security of a web page to which we will access.

These tools are two analyzers links (URL) we can draw from doubts when no access to a Web or concerned.
Los ciberdelincuentes son muy hábiles y siempre intentan colarnos enlaces a Webs fraudulentas a través del correo electrónico.

You've probably received an email with a link to an unknown Web and you've considered whether or not access, if it can be a risk, or can contain a virus, malware o phishing.

This is a case, in which es importante realizar un análisis y comprobar si esa dirección Web a la que vas a acceder enlaza a una página que es segura o por el contrario es maliciosa.
Also, no solo a través del correo electrónico nos podemos encontrar con URL maliciosas, these results can be displayed on a search engine when searched, since not all the links provided by search engines are reliable or secure pages. Unfortunately, some of them are malicious Web pages.

I indicated these URL of analyzers online free, easy to handle, that scan the contents of the page to visit and warn you if it is safe or not.


analizador de webs virus totalVirus Total

Se trata de un servicio que permite analizar archivos y URLs sospechosas, facilitating the rapid detection of virus, worms, trojans and other malware.
For this, scans the file or URL with different antivirus engines. Para analizar una URL basta con copiar el enlace (before clicking on it) tells you where the tool, and it is responsible for conducting an analysis of the destination Web Site. Once the process, in seconds, the screen shows you the test result.
To analyze a file, simplemente indica la ruta del fichero que deseas analizar y una vez realizado el análisis te reportara el análisis obtenido.

Link to Virus Total


analizador de URL VoidURLVoid

Es un servicio gratuito desarrollado por la compañía NoVirusThanks que permite a los usuarios escáner una URL con múltiples motores de sitios Web con reputación, to facilitate detection of possible dangerous websites.
We write the URL in the text box behind “Insert website to analyze” and click the button “Scan now”. Once the analysis reports on the result of the same.

Link to URLVoid


"When one is better, much harder come to suspect evil of others "


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