vender objetos de segunda mano en Internet

How and where to sell second-hand safely online

Nowadays, gracias a Internet, y a las plataformas online que conectan a vendedores y compradores in a rapid manner, tenemos la oportunidad de vender todo tipo de productos de segunda mano sin necesidad de desplazarnos a ningún establecimiento.

Vender objetos de segunda mano por Internet es una fuente más de ingresos que en ocasiones puede llegar a ser considerable, being an interesting activity because it allows to take advantage of objects cease to have value for one person but if they have it for another, thinks that most of the products we consume can have a “second life” useful in other hands, appealing to the popular

“One man's trash is another's treasure”

You may have one or more objects you no longer need, y hayas dudado a la hora de aventurarte en su venta en Internet por desconocimiento de cómo realizarla con la máxima seguridad.

I indicated a proposal sitios de referencia para la venta de segunda mano and some recommendations to follow, que unidas al sentido común, harán que tu venta de ese producto de segunda mano en Internet sea segura y satisfactoria.

The Web site

The site you are going to use to sell your product should have a number of features that will ensure reliable and secure sale.

  • The company you are going to operate must have a legal address, an email account and an affordable phone so you can make both complaints and grievances as complaints.
  • Should be wary of who does not provide these data clearly.
  • In the case of foreign companies, Interestingly also have an office in our country, a fact which gives an additional warranty, allows better communication (by language) and reduces future costs Shipping.

User Registration

  • Para darte de alta en el servicio y poder comenzar a vender te deben pedir algunos datos mínimos, as a valid email address, Password and data to identify you, plus a home.
  • The same that you require you will be asked to go to buy, being a good guarantee for a smooth sale.

Detailed conditions of use and accessible for reading

  • Accept the conditions of use of a service without reading when there is money involved is one of the worst mistakes you can make.
  • The conditions of use must be readily found in the service page and should be able to deploy to read them carefully.
  • There should also be some service clients to clarify doubts, either via telephone or email.

Reference to the Data Protection Act

  • A reputable company will have a section where you specify which hosts the LPD.
  • Although the service is foreign, it is advisable to make explicit reference to that law welcomes Spanish Data Protection, LPD. Only then will you make sure that your registration details are not subject to third party business.


Cómo y dónde vender objetos de segunda mano en Internet con seguridad

Your product

  • After completing the registration, tienes la posibilidad de publicar un anuncio para describir el objeto que vayas a vender, something you must perform with maximum detail, While thinking accurate data, think that the prospective buyer can not see or touch the product and this lack of sensory perception must be supplied with a text that values ​​useful detail.
  • Of course not to distort the descriptions with free praise or hype, but not be negative: if we sell something it is because we believe that any person can earn him worth.
  • You must truthfully describe the status and virtues of the product, to avoid future claims.
  • Most services allow you to upload pictures of products for sale.
  • The images have to have a good quality, but also, should be useful to the buyer, to be decided by your product.
  • Fija un precio razonable, recalls that are second-hand.


How the transaction is effected

It is something you must check carefully, Some sites require that transactions are made on their platforms and, for this, have enabled PPV. The advantage is that they offer, in principle, greater security guarantees, prevent fraud and ensure the collection.
The disadvantage is that no rentabilizas wholesale 100%.
If you have a choice as to the method of payment, clearly, advance payment by bank transfer and payment on delivery address contrarembolso, are most advantageous.

“Whoever buys the superfluous, soon have to sell the necessary”
(Benjamin Franklin)

Have you used any of these or other platforms to sell an object of resale? Tell us about your experiences in this sale.
Do not hesitate, if you have proved useful ...

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