Redes sociales peculiares

Redes sociales para todos los gustos

All only know Faceebook, Twiter o Google …. unas redes sociales con una gran cantidad de usuarios, but en Internet tenemos todo tipo de redes sociales, hay para todos los gustos.

Says the popular saying "Never missing for a broken descosido", or just know that other "Never kick a cat to lick the plate", We're all individuals, of any kind, by special they are can find a suitable environment for their specialties.

Este es el caso de las redes sociales que os comento hoy, son muy dispares, peculiares para algunos o interesantes para otros y para permanecer en ellas hay que tener unas características o gustos especificos.


redes sociales interesantesNowhere in the world is inadequate if it is to meet people

so that si estas esperando en un aeropuerto y deseas conocer gente tienes la web MeetATtheAirport that helps stakeholders to find a partner or to establish a friendly relationship in such a special environment such as waiting rooms of airports.

On this site, users can enter their personal information, interests, flight details and airport of departure, before the site's connect with individuals with similar interests and flight itineraries equal.

Also facilitates sharing lunch, improvise a romantic dinner or explore any of the many possibilities that existing airports.


redes sociales curiosasYou know what you drink?

With it you find upon entering the web

Esta red social española ha sido creada para que los consumidores denuncien los locales donde se sirve alcohol de dudosa calidad, ie for citizens who are tired of the jug featuring some bars.

If you are interested in joining the Network, its use is very simple, cualquier usuario puede acceder a la web para votar si la copa de alcohol que le han servido es Garrafon or authentic and can also leave comments on each joint.

En esta peculiar guía aparecen muchos establecimientos e invitan a los usuarios a que añadan aquellos bares o restaurantes que falten en la lista.


Redes Sociales insolitasIn Hatebook this greeting to register sale "Hey fool. You register the evil empire was successful ".

With such a greeting and seeing which has the slogan "the enemies of my friends are my friends" or "Everyone loves to hate" and you can see that this is a social network for hate and hatred of others make.

The idea of ​​this network is to reach various points of hate, secrets or lies by publishing your enemies.

In this network, the more cynical or more despicable friends have, now clear ...... Careful with these friends!


redes sociales sorprendentesPiensas que los presos encerrados solo hacen amigos con sus compañeros de celda, because now no, tienen otras opciones más interesantes como la de pertenecer a la red social Prisoninmates.

The best social network for offenders.

Gather a large community of inmates locked up in U.S. jails. The only requirement to join this social network is being locked up for breaking the law.


Redes sociales especialesUn bar online

Si así es, in fubar You can connect with new friends, well this really is the purpose of all social networks, but this social network pretends to be a bar of a bar, let your babies at home and share conversations with other people in real time as if we were in the bar.


pasion por el bigoteIf you like, rather you have good passion for mustaches, This is your perfect site.

El sitio de citas en linea para los solteros con una pasión: mustache.

Todos los estilos de bigote son bienvenidos en esta red social, if you've shaved the, visítala ...


redes especialesIn MatcAdream we compartir nuestros sueños o pesadillas que tengamos, indeed we may record our dreams to keep a diary.

Disponen de un diccionario de sueños para interpretarlos. For dreamers curiously this is ideal Social Network.

¿Qué os parecen estas redes sociales?

Peculiares, interesantes, insolitas o sorprendentes..


“Not everything in life is of one color or another. Look but rainbow.”

Paulo Coelho


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