Redes sociales que fomentan el deporte

Redes Sociales que fomentan la práctica de algún deporte

Algo que sin duda fomentan las redes sociales son las amistades virtuales with people interested in a common topic, Hobbies, as gustos por la comida, passion for reading, etc..

Today I bring a supply of 6 social networks, promoting sport facilitating the meeting between sport athletes to practice in common, redes sociales en las que se pueden hacer grandes amistades gracias a esta sana costumbre de realizar deporte.

Que nadie diga que la tecnología esta reñida con el ejercicio o el deporte, but can he help usher in more easily and intensity, communication in addition to providing us with our fellow virtual or real athletes.

These are a small selection of the many Social Networks that exist in relation to sport, encourage to visit some and if it suits your tastes participates in it, pues el deporte es una herramienta indiscutible para mantener y mejorar nuestro estado de salud, por lo cual no debemos olvidarnos de llevar una vida sana y esto incluye la práctica regular de algún deporte.



Depormeredes sociales para deportistasand

¡Conecta con el deporte!

In this great social network sports you will find new people to share your favorite sports.

You can also access exclusive content publishing athletes ranging network members, to help you improve your technique or videos on nutrition, exchange views, develop strategies and join events organized by clubs and federations registered.

Si viene bien, you can join hangouts and outputs that are made or simply participate with friends of a lifetime. You can also organize your own events and invite friends or any athlete who has the same level and available near.

In your profile you can upload photos and videos of the meetups and sporting events to which you participate and give "You really know". The "You really know" is equivalent to "Like" Facebook, just more fun. There are others like "I would never do it" or "I was there".

It is a very active network that also has contests where you can enter to win great prizes, including travel gear and up.


redes sociales para los amantes del deporteTimpik

There are no excuses to not practice sport!

Timpik is a virtual community that unites sports and professional athletes as coaches or organizers of tournaments and competitions, dueños de instalaciones deportivas…

In this social network if you're an athlete you can look for interesting sporting events or create your own. If you are an organizer you can organize an event, send invitations and manage the issue of recovery, registration and payment.

In addition to the PC version, is also available for iPhone, iOS y Android.

It offers the opportunity to search for sporting events near you join or organize a private one with friends or groups for any athlete with your same preferences can join.

It's a good way to find players missing you if there lower. It is also an ideal place to join groups and meet new athletes place; You can create groups for your team, coworkers…



redes sociales para conectar a deportistasXporty

¡Juega, diviértete, play, Do you want to play?!

Xporty es una red social deportiva interesante ya que puedes apuntar a tu equipo o tu grupo de amigos y crear una página desde la que gestionar absolutamente toda vuestra actividad deportiva, facilitating communication among all team members, new sports organizing meetings with all parties stats, the results, can even upload photos, chronic or videos of each party or publish news.

But these groups are not closed as it also allows you to connect with other athletes who play sport yourself. It is ideal for sports associations, Clubs the groups of friends.

Each group will get a page with a unique web address, the same goes for every sporting event organized. This makes it easier to summon the members of a group, because it has a messaging and calendar.

Once the game has been concluded, You can upload the results to page, Also photos and videos and statistics that are then used to develop a classification of all players.



redes sociales para los deportistaslinked2play

Find people from your sport!

What sports do you practice and where practice?

Those are the questions we have to answer if you connect to this network of athletes who facilitates the practice of sports in the event that we have been without a partner or without one of the team.

The idea is to connect athletes who play the same sport and live in the same locality. So has maps make finding other members.

By signing up you have to fill in your profile form and indicate the sports you play, inter alia as your skill level, few words about you and where you practice sport areas.

Once you have found that athletes with sport you can send a message to see if you want to practice. Besides the possibility to invite and add new friends, offers the ability to upload photos or videos, for the practice of sport.



redes sociales para conectar deportistasYesweplay

Friends get together for sports!

Yesweplay es una red social deportiva realmente dinámica que tiene por objetivo mejorar la comunicación entre deportistas.

If you want to organize a party or outing with friends Cycling, Yesweplay enter and select your sport from the more than 80 sports available, then simply select the place, the date and time and invite your friends or just make it public so that people in your area can join and meet new people as well.

If you are the owner of a club or a sports facility responsible for, Yesweplay you can take to give more visibility and create sports events to promote the sport among all your partners.



redes sociales para los deportistasSocial Sports

What can I do as an athlete?
As with all virtual communities, Social Sports facilitates contacts and communication between athletes with sports related hobbies.

Es una plataforma donde compartir la pasión por el deporte publicando toda clase de eventos deportivos, and find advice on training and game strategies, as well as information on nutrition.

Like other, its goal is to facilitate the connection between athletes who have a similar level of play to practice sport together. Ideal if you want people in your area and time availability. To do this you can use the geolocation tool that offers Social Sports.


“A healthy body is a good thing; but a healthy soul is worth more than all that man could want; a healthy soul is the most beautiful that heaven can bestow to our happy this poor earth”

(Thomas Carlyle)

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