Atajos de teclado para las redes sociales

Keyboard shortcuts in Twitter, Google + and Facebook to move faster


I thought it was interesting to make this post to tod @ s @ s not yet You use the keyboard shortcuts that allow us Twitter, Google + y Facebook.
These key combinations that activate functions quickly and we facilitate the work of moving faster on these social networks.

Aunque en un principio puede “ser un poco difícil” hacerse a los atajos de teclado, what is certain is that after much faster comfortable Use these shortcuts to be moving the mouse.

Twitter makes available a list of keyboard shortcuts as useful as they give us access to the window for writing a Tweet, access to DM, responder a un Tweet, etc..


The list of keyboard shortcuts that we have in this very accessible Twitter, you can find it in Configuration > Keyboard Shortcuts atajos de teclado en Twitter
Then, you have all the keyboard shortcuts that provides Twitter.







atajos de teclado para Twitter



To get the most simple and fast navigation, Google + supports shortcut keys indicated below.

atajos de teclado para Google +

Source : Centro de ayuda de Google


In Facebook, with these shortcuts you can access the home page, go to settings, send messages…. with a simple key combination, taking into account the browser you are using.

Source: Facebook Help Center

como usar atajos de teclado en Facebook atajos de teclado facebook



I invite you to try to see how advantageous this can be.
Only a matter of getting used to replace some mouse movements by simple key combination.

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