Cómo gestionar la presencia online de un usuari@ tras su muerte

How to manage the online presence of a user @ after his death

We are already millions of user @ s we use digital social networks, have one or more email accounts, use services like PayPal, iTunes, Spotify, etc ... have a service cloud storage, we have a blog, contamos con una diversidad de servicios y redes sociales en los que durante nuestra vida vamos dejando huellas de nuestra activa presencia online.

Death, It is the only certainty in life, and although much @ s do not like thinking about it, sometimes it is necessary to do so.

When the death of a person comes, all the information available on the Internet, all your online presence will remain in the network, a no ser que hubiese dejado constancia de la decisión sobre lo que sucederá con el legado que deja en Internet después de morir.

How to leave testimony of the latest digital wills


  • The easiest way is to have the accounts, emails relacionados y las contraseñas de accesos a todos los servicios de Internet apuntadas en algún documento, to which the family can access and once you do with them, to act and close or not the accounts and services, en función de lo que la persona fallecida haya comunicado en vida.
  • Anything more complex, será realizar un testamento digital en un registro público. The digital Testament is no different a living will that is made before a notary. Is to draft a document with all mail services, Data storage, social networks or any payment system where you have an account on the web. The document must also explain that we do with them (if canceled, if we disappear, if we want to be forwarded to our family for the retained, etc.), should also indicate the person or persons who are responsible for making all arrangements on the net.

How to deal with the online presence of a deceased person


Nowadays, no existe ningún protocolo que dicte como se debe actuar en estos casos o quién tiene la potestad de borrar los datos personales que han quedado en Internet, then, after the death of a person, someone has to take charge of the work of managing the accounts, profiles and online presence of the deceased, I had or not digital will.

A task that does not stop being nasty, and to make it more bearable despite the sad circumstances, existen empresas especializadas que se pueden contratar para que lleven a cabo todo el proceso, a process that is lengthy and complex.

If the uncomfortable task will perform a close person or an immediate family member, was found that different online sites and social networks each have different ways to do it.

FCómo gestionar Facebook de un usuario tras su muerteacebook

En Facebook si no hacemos nada, not access the account over a long period or not publish, el perfil no se suspende por inactividad. It will be active forever.

Nonetheless, perhaps the social network that best facilitates all steps to eliminate or retain a person's profile deceased.

You can choose from three options:

  • Delete the account of the deceased.

If you have the password for user access, can permanently delete the account, logging into your account and communicating to Facebook. There is the possibility to download a copy of the information in this profile.

If you do not have the password for the account, will have to fill out a form Special request for the account of a deceased person, where you must provide verification that you are a close relative, you must upload documents, as a death certificate, the birth certificate of the deceased or power of attorney.

  • Convert the account at a memorial Profile.

Commemorative accounts proporcionan un lugar para que amigos y familiares se reúnan y compartan recuerdos de un ser querido que haya fallecido.Facebook recuerda que cuando una cuenta se hace conmemorativa se limitan algunas opciones, eg: can not send private messages, it will not appear on suggestions, no one (even if the password of the deceased) you can enter profile and publishing content.
Only people with whom you have shared content may view photos and the like. Appears the phrase “In Memory of” next to the name of the person. Do not come out in public spaces, suggestions of people you may know, Birthday announcements or reminders.

  • Contact Legacy

This is new functionality which has taken Facebook, through which you can assign someone to be responsible for our Facebook profile to manage when we are not in this world. However, This functionality is not available in Spain.


Cómo gestionar Google de un usuario fallecidoGoogle

Google ha previsto esta situación con su Administrador de Cuentas Inactivas.
A través de este servicio puedes definir previamente qué hacer con tus cuentas una vez fallezcas, Google services in you're discharged, as Gmail, Google , YouTube, etc..

You can choose who you give access to take charge of all your accounts Google services, how long these remain active even without movement (maximum, 18 months), how you wish to notify Google of inactivity your account, and you can also configure it to simply, Your Google account is deleted automatically.

Learn more here

Es importante comentar que estos mecanismos sólo son operativos para los servicios de Google en los que el usuario esté dado de alta, as Gmail, Google , YouTube, etc., and has nothing to with content that may appear in your browser.

The information to be published in different sites and indexed with Google, es algo que no cubre el Derecho al Olvido.

A user, invoking his right to privacy, You can request removal of content it deems may harm your reputation, honor, etc.. through a mechanism that has launched Google.

However, the right to privacy, to privacy and protection of honor is a fundamental right that only affects the person individually and can not be extended to the family, for this is straightforward. Thus, in the case of a death, an immediate family could not request the removal of content to Google.


Cómo gestionar Twitter de un usuario fallecidoTwitter
En Twitter si no se registra actividad, la cuenta se cierra a los seis meses.

Either way, Twitter also contemplates announce the death by the family and get their low.

The communication must be made by mail to their offices in San Francisco.

Those responsible for asking Twitter, inter alia, a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the identity of the deceased, and all necessary details of the person making the request.

In any case, lo que se consigue con esto es desactivar la cuenta del fallecido, not get access to it.
Only if you have access password can take control to continue publishing or delete account.

Twitter announces: “we can not provide account access to any person, regardless of their relationship to the deceased”.

Learn more here


Como gestionar Pinterest de un usuario fallecidoPinterest

Must apply low profile or, otherwise, este siempre estará activo y público.Pinterest comunica: Because we want to respect the privacy of our users, we can not provide any personal information, or any information logon.

The application of low profile can be done by mail indicated, sending the information and documents that indicate.

Learn more here


Cómo gestionar Linkedin de un usuario fallecidoLinkedin

It also provides a mechanism to report a death and requesting the low profile.

If this is not done, Account will also remain open forever.

Learn more here


Cómo gestionar Instagram de un usuario fallecidoInstagram

In Instagram can choose to convert the account into a memorial in his memory, or eliminate it altogether.
In no event will provide data access to another person.

Whatever the choice, you must fill out a form and provide documentation to ask.

Learn more here


Cómo gestionar Outlook de un usuario fallecidoOutlook
Hotmail also has a process for requesting access to e of the deceased person initiating the process Next of Kin.

If not communicating, the account remains open forever.


Cómo gestionar yahoo de un usario fallecidoYahoo

Has a process to apply for account closure your loved one, the suspension of billing and premium services if present, and removing any content for privacy.

To process this request, you must send a letter with the information that indicate their legal department in Ireland.

Learn more here


Còmo gestionar WordPress de un usuario fallecidoWordPress

Makes available a form to request access to the account of the person in question so we can remove or blogs you may have online, retrieve its contents, continue publishing, etc..
Again, if the account is not removed will remain open forever.

Learn more here


Còmo gestionar otros servicios de un usuario fallecidoOther services
There are many popular services that do not include a specific procedure to resolve an account after the death of its owner.
In these cases, it is best to contact them directly through their customer service and expose the case. Chances are they will request documentation of death, as do social networks, and eventually transferring the account or deleting it.


I hope it takes us much, but a long time to make use of these arrangements, however if the time comes, at least we know what mechanisms.

"I do not fear death, I just do not want to be there when it happens "
(Woody Allen)

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