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What to see how the best wine through Social Networks

A few days ago I discuss a selection of the many Restaurants and communities que hay en la red para conocer recetas, tapas o pinchos, su elaboración así como los restaurantes o bares en los que las podrás degustar.

Choosing the dish for a meal is important, pero también lo es elegir el vino correcto que la acompañará.

Every good meal should be accompanied by a good wine and as, a good company.

An interesting way to find or recommend a good wine on the Internet, es mediante las redes sociales especializadas en hacernos disfrutar y valorar los vinos.

Si eres aficionado a la enología, you like wine, o simplemente quieres curiosear un poco y enterarte de todo lo relacionado con el mundo del vino, I leave to start these 8 webs imprescindibles que giran entorno al Vino.


redes sociales sobre vinos y recetas Wines and Recipes

Wine and food all in one.
Wines and Recipes es una red social para todos aquellos que les fascine el mundo de la cocina y el buen vino.

We will find more than 7.000 Assorted recipes and perfect pairing.

Also, can subscribe to them and share our favorite recipes with friends and professionals.


webs sobre el vino Harvest

Harvest It is the largest community aficionados al vino de habla hispana, over 47.000 Registered users.
In addition to comment and rate the different wines, posee un foro muy activo donde se conversa, question and debate on wine, Restaurants, wine, Wineries, beers, enology or spirits.


redes sociales sobre el vino Vinogusto

Vinogusto es una gran guía de Vinos de todo el mundo, with consumer reviews.

You can follow the opinions of your friends and contacts to choose your wines, share your thoughts on the wines or find shops to buy and enjoy wine.


redes sociales sobre el mundo del vino Vinthink

Vinthink es una red social pensada para profesionales del vino: sommeliers, winemakers, restauradores…

Users, they can follow others and be followed, value with star references wine section if have tasted and leave comments.

También dispone de una base de datos bastante completa de vinos y bodegas, aunque como dice su creadora “damos vía libre para que los usuarios introduzcan nuevos vinos“.

Otro aspect to note, is that you have an application for smartphones, thanks to a geolocator, allows to know the wines of the area where you are at that time.


redes sociales sobre enoturismo Welding

Welding is a red social para compartir opiniones de vino y comprarlos directamente a través de esta web.

As its founders say "is a tremendously simple service for any wine lover seeking information, recommendations or buy ".

It is not only a social network to share wine reviews, but facilitates ideas and opinions on beers, Distillates, wine accessories and gourmet products.


redes sociales para los aficionados al vinoWineClan

WineClan acoge tanto a profesionales del sector como a consumidores particulares, who, besides being able to communicate and share valuations of wines, tienen acceso a noticias, events, material audiovisual, blogs, training and even job.

It also allows the creation of groups or "clans" around specific interests.


redes sociales en torno al vinoVinetur

Vinetur is a digital magazine of vino you provided a space on your website to share information, videos, doubts, etc.. and comment from other users.


clubs sobre vinoWine is social

Wineissocial es una creación del conocido sumiller de El Bulli, Ferran Centelles.

Works, partly, as a club or wine shop, their monthly proposals and bids for boxes. Ofrece sugerencias personalizadas a sus usuarios tras realizar un test de gustos de vino.

Los vinos aparecen etiquetados con un curioso sistema de símbolos para definirlos y clasificarlos.

In addition the user can upload their tastings and comment other.

"The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but he that is shared "
(George Brassens)

En esta ocasión también puede ser:

“The best post is not necessarily the longest, but he that is shared”

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