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Glossary of terms and words used in Pinterest

With this Glossary, que contiene las palabras más comunes y usadas habitualmente en Pinterest, You can find this social network has acquired great importance in recent years.

En Pinterest las imágenes son las que tienen el protagonismo absoluto, besides being a very intuitive tool to use, con estos términos frecuentemente usados, podrás moverte como “pez en el agua” dentro de esta red social.

Curiosamente el nombre de esta red social proviene de la combinación de los términos “personal” e “interest“.

Es un tablero de imágenes digitales donde puedes compartir imágenes, videos and everything you find on the net.

Cada persona comparte según sus gustos o aficiones, creando colecciones de imágenes y agrupándolas por temáticas o hobbies.

For companies, Pinterest ofrece la oportunidad de relacionarse con los usuarios y promocionar una marca.

  • Buttons +

Button at the top of the main page of Pinterest, contains three options: allows you to upload an image or video hosted on the user's hard drive, or upload from a web site and create a board.

  • Comment

Attaches to the bottom of the image shared by any user, Comment, although this network is primarily visual, you can have a little interaction in this way.

  • Feed Home ( Dashboard)

When you sign on Pinterest, you'll see your home feed. This is a collection of people and Pines boards you follow, and is updated whenever there is a new Pin. Se podría decir que es como el timeline de cualquier otra red social porque muestra todas las novedades de la gente que sigues.

  • I like

Anyone can make a picture as a favorite without adding it to one of your boards. Cuantos más “likes” tenga una imagen, will be more popular within the network.

  • Profile

In your profile you will see your pin, your boards, your followers and who you follow.

  • Pinear

Consiste en subir (“pinear”) content to your account on the social network of the images you want.

  • Pineador (Pinner)

Individual pin sharing. So called people who share images on Pinterest, this name is used to find people in the search of Pinterest.

  • Pines

"Chincheta" o "tachuela". Haciendo un “pin” sobre una imagen o un vídeo ésta pasa a formar parte de uno de los tableros del usuario. The image must be accompanied by a description that can not exceed 500 characters.
The pin is Pinterest, what twit, es a Twitter, namely, its basic unit of content.

  • Pines Place (Place Pins)

They are images that have a specific location associated.

  • Pin it

"Añádelo the Pinterest". Action to share Pinterest. The equivalent to tweet or update your Facebook status. Is to share the image on one of our boards.

  • Pin it (Button)

"Button to add the Pinterest". Button that is placed in the browser bar that allows you to add options with one click pictures or videos from Internet.

  • Repin

"Back to publish". It is the action generated by sharing a Pin up by a third in one of your boards. Esta acción se hace mediante el botón “pin it” y es la forma habitual de agregar pines a tus tableros. Retuitear equivalent action.

  • Board ( Board)

Es el elemento básico dentro de Pinterest. It is a board where you put different images relating to a topic, for example your favorite recipes or photos of an event. No limit on them and you can have as many you want, categories differentiated.
You can also find the boards that other people have created, discovering new things and meeting people with similar interests.

  • Group Board

He is a board in which only you and people you invite can add Pines.

  • Secret Cam

A secret panel can be seen only by you and the people you decide to invite. Pin A is added to the secret board will not appear in any other part of Pinterest.
The secret boards found in the bottom of your profile. You just have to scroll down to view.

  • Boards of place

Son específicos para los place pins.

  • Follower

People who follow our Pinterest account. You can be a follower of all of our boards or just those he chooses. Regardless if follow a board, or all, Pinterest mark it as a new follower in the user account who is.

  • Following

It is those people we follow. As in Twitter, the relationship between followers and following is not directly binding, so not necessarily who you follow is following you and vice versa.

  • Videos

Besides images, sharing videos, competing in this field with Youtube. This bar option, simply allows you to specialize your search (and results) only with video files, excluding static images.
If not registered, I encourage you to join this network so fun and you begin Repin Pin It and all the images that you like.

"In just knowing, should also apply. Not enough to want, must also be done "


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