descubre las últimas estafas en Internet

Descubre algunos engaños y estafas que circulan en Internet

Hoaxes and Scams on the Internet do not rest!

There have always been hoaxes and scams, but the Internet and social networks make extending faster.

We can mistake them humorous or surprising news e do not know whether to believe us and make us doubt.

Los ciberdelincuentes y estafadores no tienen descanso, siempre están pensando y preparando una nueva estafa que lanzar en el ciberespacio para intentar captar al mayor número de víctimas posible, they do not invent something new, almost every year, as “virus gripe”, return to our old computers with some small deceits new mutation.

The Internet hoaxes can come from countless places, new technologies and the use of social networks allow scammers extend their methods to deceive people.

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook o Twitter se han convertido en las plataformas idóneas para la expansión de gust Internet due to the large “Viralization” than mere rumors can be achieved through this type of media.

All we have “fallen” ever, especially when some of the alleged forward chains of fate that abound on the Internet, especially in social networks and usually nothing happens, pero en algunas ocasiones lo que puede ocurrir es la infección de nuestros equipos ( PC, tablets o smartphone) con software malicioso, so you have to be very careful.

Te comento como son algunas estafas que están circulando por la Red….

conoce las últimas estafas que hay en internetWe have still to deliver a package for you!

Receive an SMS with the text “Service Express: We have still to deliver a package for you. If you are the owner of 6*******7 Please contact us at 905** ** **”

¡No se te ocurra devolver la llamada¡

Es un timo para intentar cobrarte una tarificación adicional.

For the little mountain of scam, almost no complaint and is hence the huge profit…

If you are not expecting a package, is that no one has sent a packet.

If you are waiting, knock the specific company, in a 905.

conoce las últimas estafas que hay en internetLottery scam We've won the Microsoft Lottery!

Se recibe un correo electrónico que indica que te ha tocado un premio vinculado a una supuesta lotería de la Fundación Internacional de Bill Gates.

Something really curious Can you play something that did not play?

Still, cybercriminals tell you that you have been selected randomly through your email, or among those who have visited certain Web pages, or similar explanations.

El único requisito que hace falta para cobrar el premio es el pago de una cantidad de dinero por anticipado en concepto de pago de impuestos, duty, transfer the costs of similar, which is provided to a bank account or a transfer is requested by money transfer services.

Some have entered the amount of money requested is again not having news of the award.

Es un nuevo intento de estafa, Microsoft has long published a denied official,

You know: Your site is bin your inbox.

conoce las últimas estafas que hay en internetCall Microsoft Technical Support

Another innovative new scam (and dangerous) this operation, consiste en que recibes una llamada telefónica de alguien que dice ser del servicio técnico de Microsoft.

Nos preguntarán si nuestro PC va lento y nos convencerán de que así es. Then, under the guise of helping us to return it to its initial velocity, which will pre-install a “programmed legal”, thought to use a computer remotely.

With this program, Scammers have absolute power over our computer, which can operate at will, Imagine what we can steal passwords, personal data, photographs, e ...

As if that were not enough, we will try to finish “charge” service, for what data prompted us our credit card, well rounded scam (we naturally try to get better the more money).

Very carefully and, if you've been victimized, I Denounce, either in person, at any police station or in / colabora.php, where the indicated the steps to follow.

conoce las últimas estafas que hay en internetPanty 500 iPhone in that we can sell!

He was born with the creation of the Apple iPhone and has spread like wildfire.

Beyond the laughter of your Facebook friends are going to get bit if you share.

Usually these are pictures of phones under the name of a store that says not to sell them because the box is open or there is a fault in the barcode but if you share your photo you give away what they.

Just like that? Is,is All very false, an old canard that you should not share.

conoce las últimas estafas que hay en internetPolice virus, is an old scam that continues to cause problems from the 2012

It is believed that this Trojan infecting computers started in the year 2012.

East ‘malware’ blocking your computer and requires payment of a fine of 100 euros to reponerlo.

In conformity with eso, el virus advierte que si no pagas el Cuerpo Nacional de Policía acudirá a tu casa para requisarte el ordenador.

So was the virus so far. A new version of the same, Police said that the virus has the ability to access the webcam system (if any) and make for submission during PC lock a photo or video. The goal is clear, scare the owner of that computer.

Many network users have fallen into the trap and have made the alleged payment of fine.

Everything is false. No you pay nothing ni Pong nervous.
Police will not go to your home, it is just a way to scare the computer owner to pay the fine false.

conoce las últimas estafas que hay en internetZara and thymus gift card 500 euros

Se han llenado los muros de Facebook con una promoción de “Zara” through a contest in which you could get 500 euros in a gift card to spend in their stores.

Like what you've seen on your Facebook wall, pues el concurso consiste en que te acaban pidiendo tu teléfono móvil para suscribirte a un servicio de SMS Premium, of those who send you messages per day x and charge a fortune for each.

You see cybercriminals often use company names known, adding credibility to their scams.

In Internet and even in social networks, when something is too good to be true, is because it is certainly not true.

Should have been a scam in Spain, you can report internet fraud to the police using the form below: / formulario_generico.php?orders = 52

You can also contact:
Technological Investigation Brigade
Email: delitos.tecnologicos @

Directorate General of the Civil Guard
Cybercrime Group

To avoid falling into a scam, Always research a little about what you are offering and when in doubt, do not risk what you do not ask you.

"To investigate the truth must doubt, as soon as possible, of all things "

(René Descartes)

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