Cuidado con los Backdoors

Beware Backdoors !

One purpose of this site is you who know all the words and terms that circulate on the Internet, para así saber qué y cuánto importantes son, si te en tu affect Internet browsing, if you have to take action, for knowledge does not take place, y posiblemente en vuestro día a día por Internet podéis coincidir con los términos aquí tratados.

Today I quote another term, Backdoor ( back door), que es un programa que se introduce en el ordenador de manera encubierta, appearing to be harmless.

Once in your computer, is executed and provides a rear door through which it is possible to control our computer.

The actions performed very harmful Backdoors, among them are the removal of files or hard disk destruction, which is something right?…..

You can also capture and forward data to an external address or open communication ports, allowing an intruder to control the computer remotely, and this is their main objective.

Some examples of backdoors that infected many computers, aunque en la actualidad los antivirus actuales no los dejan instalarse en nuestro ordenador, its







Los Backdoors no se consideran propiamente como virus, pero representan un riesgo de seguridad muy importante, hay que tener presente que existen virus, troyanos y backdoors que pueden aparentar ser amigables (a simple birthday greeting card) or that come from people you know (you know you have it installed).

Para que todo esto no nos ocurra, paramount is having a good antivirus installed and updated, because the “malicious boffins”, still thinking of creating new ones to keep doing damage backdoors.

“Evil runs, but justice always reaches.


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