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Even if you have installed an antivirus (some much needed) never hurts to give your computer a good analysis online.

Un análisis online es un servicio proporcionado por algunas empresas de computer security that through their products allow you to scan your computer and the ability to disinfect (if necessary) without installing any software on your computer.

It is a measure of reinforcement needed to know if your computer is protected.

I indicated three antivirus online that are very good:

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Bitdefender QuickScan

Microsoft Safety Scaner


I have used, Panda Cloud Cleaner first pass and the result was….

antivirus online gratis

and as you can see, had about malware that “I had cast”, but clean and ready.

Then use Bitdefender QuickScan, with very fast scanning.

Y por si acaso hice una prueba más utilizando Microsoft Safety Scaner.

In both was the same result: “The analysis was completed successfully and no virus detected, spyware and other potentially unwanted software”

Así pude comprobar que Panda Cloud Cleaner, that was the first to use is effective.

For better security, es interesante y apropiado utilizar al menos dos antivirus online, one below the other, to really see yourself these protected.

The characteristics of the ONLINE ANTIVIRUS are:

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Dantivirus onlineetección full of all types of malware,vulnerabilities and unknown threats.

Compatible with any antivirus installed on the computer.

Compatible with all major browsers and the latest versions of Windows.

It downloads quickly, runs and scans your computer, if done cleaning results, have to restart your computer.

The application is downloaded to your computer for reuse another time.

Disinfecting page is :

antivirusBitdefender QuickScan

Easy to use, as above.

The extension runs in your browser for reuse.

At the end you are invited to download the new Bitdefender Internet Security, but only if you want.

The page to start analysis is :


Microsoft Safety Scaner

In computer scan is the slowest of the three used.

It has the particularity that tells :

“Note: Microsoft Safety Scanner expira 10 days after discharge. To rerun a scan with the latest anti-malware definitions, you must download and then run Microsoft Safety Scanner.”

To download page :

This time is indicated using the saying :

“Mas vale safe than sorry”

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