Infographics: 10 Free online tools to design them

Today when we look at a magazine, periodic, a Web site or a blog there is always información visual que reclama nuestra atención. This information is exposed in a infographics.

Just move a little Internet or social networks, I've found with some infographics.

What is an infographic?

Es una representación esquemática de una información a través de viñetas y gráficos sencillos para que el usuario pueda comprender fácilmente.
Las infografías ofrecen la información de una manera gráfica, sencilla y visualmente muy atractiva, colors are mixed therein, imagery, content and animation, bringing in a few minutes a synthesized information is obtained.

How does an infographic?

  • To make an infographic is not necessary to have knowledge of graphic design, however, have them provide a more creative outcome.
  • To start making an Infographic, the first step is to raise the objective of the: la idea que se quiere comunicon. This objective will be adapted to the recipients to whom it is directed.
  • Below shall collect data on the subject to be treated.
  • With the information gathered and defined objective, se empieza a desarrollar la infografía mediante un esquema o boceto, entrando en la parte del diseño.
  • For the design of computer graphics, se pueden utilizar todo tipo de herramientas de diseño gráfico, for example, Photoshop o Ilustrato. Also, there are free online tools that facilitate the custom design of computer graphics through a template editing text and changing colors shapes and drawings including.


Os dejo esta infografía con 10 Free online tools to create infographics, to take as an example.

Como crear una infografia


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