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Internet errors, along better with humor

How about if I get you smile today ….

Smile, is the second best thing you can do with your lips.

There is always Funny situations in the Web and we can find A bit of humor on the Internet.

For that, es viernes y aunque no todos los días son perfectos, in all there is something good that you will bring a smile.

So today we stop serious stuff blog, but “at you wrong” On Monday I will be here again with an interesting post.

Speaking of wrong, thing that can happen, We're not perfect, for example we can go wrong with an email address and create a misunderstanding as a step in the story I'll tell.

A man left the cold and rain of Galicia for a happy holiday in Riviera Maya. His wife was on another trip and had planned to meet in the next day Riviera Maya.
El marido después de haber pasado el día en la playa tomando el sol y refrescándose con unos estupendos refrescos tropicales, went to the hotel and decided to send his wife an e-mail to tell you how wonderful it was that place.
As he found the little note which had targeted the email address of his wife, he risked throwing memory and pray that out right.
But, unfortunately, erred in a letter and the message is directed toward another person, a woman that her husband had died the previous day.

At night, this woman decided to see read mail condolences he had received; when I looked at the monitor jumped, yelled and fell to the ground. Hearing the cry ran to his family where he was and read the following in the mail showing the monitor:

Dear wife: I just got. It was a long journey here, although it is worth; everything is beautiful, with many trees, grounds, Holidays. Despite having a few hours here and I'm feeling like home. Now I'll rest. I just want to tell you that I spoke with people about this wonderful place and have ready your arrival here tomorrow along. I'm sure you'll also like it very much. Kisses from your eternal and loving husband. P.D. Get ready because here hace a hellish heat!

Vaya desliz 😉

Who has not ever been wrong to put a password ? the you rewrite again and error, and again…..

error en contraseña

Attention, not give you the cheese……although there are always errors that can be fixed with a good program….

error de percepcion

“Remember: while you make plans for your life do not forget to enjoy”

Have a good weekend !

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