situaciones simpaticas en Facebook

Dose of humor to overcome special situations in Facebook

In Facebook se pueden encontrar situaciones y actitudes variadas, publications are our friends and we do ourselves, course.

Some will like us a lot and for that we el botón Me gusta, and others will not like us so much change, for they will be best taken with humor and patience, the end of the day are our friends whom we worship, estimates and we, what make these publications.

Creo que es lo mejor que se puede hacer ¿ no te parece?

Watch these situations, You may recognize some and if you agree…

“take a dose of humor or patience to overcome”.


Situaciones graciosas en FacebookPublication: Chains, publish in your wall

Tipos de publicaciones en Facebook

These texts before flooding emails

Oh horror, ya llegaron a Facebook !!!!

Those messages in his most menacing seeking to make you feel guilty about something, if you share it on your wall…..

Each new string that comes out is more original and entertaining, but always bring dual intent.


Tomarnos con humor FacebookPublication: Update all routine activities


Entries from our friends telling us where this all the time..

Today is Monday, to 9:00 I go to the gym….

At 11:00 we play Padel…

Today I will eat in the restaurant…..

Good, to 20:00 voy al cine…

Right.. great….. this friend you have located, know what time and in what place is at all times, in case we need…..


Tomarnos con humor FacebookPublication: The perfect couples who love all day

situaciones simpaticas en Facebook

In agreement. AMAS a tu media Naranja

How beautiful is the love, love, love ….

We've caught…..I want very much



Situaciones graciosas en FacebookPublication: Complain about any and every

There are friends whose states are constant reproaches and complaints. If it's over on Sunday, if it's Monday, if traffic, if I've gone a gray, that if you put on a kilo……..

Calm, tranquility….. I know a good hairdresser to sort out the channels… and nearby there is a good gym……

Week course has the “bad habit” start a Monday and end on a Sunday, It is normal.


Tomarnos con humor FacebookNotification: Invitations to play….notificaciones en Facebook

Just complete a level in Candy Crush..

¡Guay!….. If they desist not invite me to play Ludo and Candy . Well these friends s, This invitation is very well, but next invitation could be, that such ” Fulanito you will asked to take a cafelito”…… should accept this invitation.


Situaciones graciosas en FacebookComments to photos of friends years ago

Strange…. enter your Facebook updates and see a friend commented on a picture of you makes ... 2 years old? What happens?

Were two hours looking at all, but most all photos? And right discusses the worst, as to remind me that my past fue horrible, just as he was achieving forget.


Tomarnos con humor FacebookPublication: The language of the web has shared a linktipos de publicaciones en Facebook

¡Oh! Again… but yesterday he shared another link…. that pesadito!!

Good… and today we have a council, a curiosity, seems ……we will read …


Afterwebs para realizar visitas virtualesr today I have finished doses…….if you want you can share ….



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