Basic tips to participate in the forums

En Internet podemos actuar como simples lectores o podemos hacerlo como lectores y escritores.

Tenemos a nuestra disposición páginas que nos permiten realizar consultas o exponer opiniones, are as Pages Forums.

Forums is one of the few things that has continued to operate since its inception in the early 90, when it was one of his best moments being very active and participatory, then went on to have a “little slump”, began to emerge social networks and many users stopped using the forums looking for the novelty of social networking.

But still here and are still in high demand.

Muchos sitios Web o blogs disponen de una página de foro, this space to share information on a given topic, a kind of meeting where various people say around a specific topic of common interest.

Turn out to be a good system to investigate certain issues, share information, show our experiences or advice to people with whom we share the same interests. Dare to use !

The forum is based on the free expression of ideas and opinions of the members, and allow discussion of any topic (sports, economy, video game, Entertainment, present, etc.).

Specific questions relating to the topic are formulated, is informal and spontaneous participation plays, unpredictable and disparate of a large audience and unknown.

Whereby, people entering post besides knowing its operation, should take into account a number of performance standards, politeness and courtesy that apply to these types of sites.

Cómo funcionan y cómo participar correctamente en los foros


como funcionan los foros

1.- Register
Most forums require registration by users, at least to write.

Registration is free (there are some very specific issues that deal where you pay).
After reading and accepting the rules of the system, accessing a form on which you must fill a range of fields, some required (user name, email address and password) and other volunteers.

In most cases you have to confirm registration after receiving a message on the email account you have indicated.
2.- Acceder
Every time we go on the forums, where we have already registered, have to enter the user name (nick) and password. Our name (nick) Now it will appear at the top of every page in the forum.
After selecting the appropriate forum, We can read the messages of each topic, create a new topic or reply to a message or group of messages.

We can already participate, but following guidelines:

  • First and foremost: before writing, read. It is very likely that what we want to ask has already been raised previously by another person. It is more: is also very likely that not only our doubt has been raised, but also has been resolved.
  • Ubicarse correctamentand. We must know the rules of the place where we will write and behave according to them.
  • Not write to tun tun. Tener siempre claro lo que se quiere decir antes de decirlo.
  • Nothing kicks to the dictionary or grammar. Do not have to write as if to show him missing half keyboard keys. The forum is free and messages are unlimited extension, so you do not need to save keystrokes as if it were a mobile message. Tenemos que tener en cuenta que nuestro principal interés al escribir en el foro es que nos entiendan, de modo que hay que esforzarse en ponérselo fácil a nuestros lectores.
  • We must never write the whole message text in capital letters. Just do when we want to emphasize something (some text) the cuando want to express something loudly (not recommended).
  • Everything in its place. Forums have distinct sections, we strive to raise our questions in the right place.
  • Do not be impatient. No wait, much less demanding, immediate feedback. Although sometimes our inquiry will be answered in just a matter of minutes, other times can be days before it happens.
  • Do not abuse the trimmings. Forums offer the possibility to use icons, images or smiles, ornaments such excess will only complicate and make heavy reading our messages.
  • Respect. On a forum and to the diversity of views of participants, some can create controversia.Hay always maintain a conciliatory stance that the debate is healthy.
  • Para no perder el hilo de una conversación, should not create a new topic when you have not yet closed is open.
  • No debemos utilizar los foros para hacer spam (spam), because administrators erased what we have written and, sometimes, They disabled our account.
  • Dice un refrán que de bien nacidos es ser agradecidos. If the advice you have given us in the forum have helped us help, it would not hurt us to do record.

En definitiva consisten en tratar a los demás como nos gustaría que nos tratasen.

Are you agree with me that these guidelines would make our use of the forums is correct and appropriate?

If you agree……. #compártelo…..

“In siempre can please, but we can always try to be nice”


Finally and “not lost in the vocabulary” used in the forums, te facilito un simpático glosario …

Vocabulario para usar en un foro

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  1. Entrar a ajustes del whatsapp ir a mi cuenta luego ir a prvacidad y ahí ya sabrás si quieres que chequen tu estado,hora de conección,o inclusive si quieres que sepan si ya leíste el mensaje

  2. Con frecuencia entro en el foro de un diario para comentar noticias y conocer distintos puntos de vista. No soy un usuario avanzado en cuestiones informáticas y me sorprendo cuando algún forero demuestra que accede al perfil de otro, que puede saber si es el mismo usuario con diferentes nick. Podría alguien informarme sobre el funcionamiento de este tipo de foros? Thanks

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