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All pictures from Facebook to 2015 in perspective

En redes sociales es muy importante el contenido que se publica, but tan importante son las imágenes, they are the visual part of the publications and is the first thing that strikes us.

Colocar una imagen apropiada y con la medida correcta in profile picture, in the cover photo and publications, es esencial para tener un perfil con un diseño atractivo.

From now, post pictures as Facebook dice no te costará nada si tienes a mano esta chuleta (infographics) con todas las dimensiones adecuadas y actualizadas para 2015.

¿Qué medidas hay que utilizar en Facebook?

What dimensions should be and where the images are located, It is very important when creating original profiles on Facebook.

Profile photo of your page:

  • Shown with a resolution of 160 × 160 pixels in computers, of 140 × 140 in smartphones and 50 × 50 in most conventional telephones.
  • Must be at least 180 × 180 px.
  • It will be trimmed to fit a square.
  • It is 16 pixels to the left and 176 the top of the cover photo on computers.
  • It is 24 left pixel, a 24 the bottom and 196 the top of the cover photo on smartphones.

The cover photo of your page:

  • Shown with a resolution of 851 pixels wide 315 in computers and high resolution with 640 pixels wide 360 High on smartphones.
  • Must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 high.

In the case of profile photos and cover photos containing your logo or text, PNG files offer a higher quality output.
To prevent the cover photo is compressed to upload, make sure the file size is less than 100 KB.

infografía dimensiones imágenes para Facebook
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