glosario de términos usados en facebook

Glossary of terms and common words used on Facebook

¿Alguien te dio un toque en Facebook y no sabes qué significa?

¿Te han etiquetado? And what is?

Si hace poco que has creado una cuenta en Facebook (or if you're wearing this time using social network), seguramente te has encontrado con palabras y términos usados de manera frecuente que no comprendes muy bien o no sabes su significado.

Para que puedas tener una buena experiencia en Facebook y esta red social “if you resist the”, I leave this glossary of terms and words used frequently.

  • Update (Status update)

Any comments or information you wish to share in the What are you thinking? Most updates are done in a written and phrases, but also is regarded as such a photo, published a video or link.

  • Administrator

Administrators are people who create and manage activities in groups and pages.

  • Albums

To group and sort the pictures uploaded by users.

  • People (Friends)

They are all the contacts that you have accepted as connections in your personal account. While they are identified as friends, This list may include family, coworkers, fellow students, ultimately are the people that you connect with and who share your activity on Facebook.

  • Applications (Apps)

These are the programs that connect to a user account in Facebook to post information on it, news, pictures and various other types of content.

  • Approvals login

Approvals logon are a safety feature that can change your security settings.

  • Biography (Timeline)

Your biography is a collection of photos, stories and experiences that make your life on Facebook.

  • Search

Search is a tool for finding people and content on Facebook.

  • Locks

You can block a person to prevent him see your profile, add you as a friend or send you messages.

  • Comment (Comment)

It is the action to comment, either a page, an article or publication of any friend.

  • Account Settings

Use your account settings to manage basic account preferences.

  • Account

Mandatory requirement that user's social network to get it to register-as part of the network.

  • Chat

Facebook can have a conversation directly with connected friends at the time. In the right column, below, come labeled with a green dot online friends. If you are sent a message and they are not reaching them when they connect.

  • Share (Share)

It is a one-to-one made through Facebook.

  • Credits

Credits are the virtual currency you can use Facebook to interact in games and applications.

  • Poke

You can give someone a hint to get your attention or to greet.

  • Link

You can share a link from the Web on Facebook.

  • State

Phrases that the user posts on their wall, moods, making, Small News. It's best not to overdo it too: about 160 characters long.

  • Tag (Day)

A tag is a user identification includes content that has been shared to identify one of his friends. Generally, tags are used in photos and videos, but may also be included in other situations, such as when registering or do-check-in-in a shop or a restaurant.

  • Label

It consists of selecting parts of an image where people appear to identify with your name. You can label your own photo or your friends using the "Tag Photo" link located below each image. Clicking on it a cross above the photo that indicates you can begin to label it shows.

  • Events (Events)

It can be created by any user and can include all kinds of events: Holidays, meetings, presentations, etc ... are considered as events birthdays of contacts of a person and they appear in the calendar of upcoming events.
Creating events on Facebook is a recommended way to promote local events, fairs or face meetings with customers to establish business relationship. Creating events on Facebook, is free and should expose them with lots of information, photos and videos on the events page, to create excitement.

  • Photos (Photos)

On Facebook you can upload pictures from your computer, from the network or made from a mobile device where you installed the Facebook application. Can be labeled, grouped into albums, share in the state or used as cover of the chronology.

  • Photo of perfil

Your profile picture is the main picture that appears on your profile (biography). Your profile photo thumbnail appears next to your comments, and other activities.

  • Games and applications

The games and applications you use on Facebook are created outside developers Facebook Platform.

  • Groups (Group)

These are pages created with a specific topic by one or several network users as a meeting or discussion forum. You can join groups that interest on submission of an application to be approved by the group administrator. You can also create your own groups on any matter it considers interesting.
Possible to bring together people who share a common interest to share knowledge or express your opinion about a specific topic.

  • Initiation ( Home)

Button ready to return to the home page of Facebook, which presents a summary of all the activity of your friends and your own.

  • Instant Information

Instant information, located on the right side of the home page, allows you to view the activity of all your friends in real time.

  • Insignia

A logo is a box that you can create to share your Facebook profile (biography), your pictures or your page on other sites. Learn more.

  • Friends lists (Lists)

The lists on Facebook to organize contacts allow the user to select groups of friends who share an interest. Your contacts are not notified or provided the list to which they are assigned. To create it is necessary to do so from the left column to Homepage. Initially Facebook presents some: Best Friends, known, Family and restricted access. More can be added by clicking on the " Create a List".

  • Interest Lists (Interests)

Similar to the buddy lists, serve to group issues and news of interest published. These are useful to filter the amount of information you receive in your News column.

  • Places

You can share your location with friends by visiting places. You can also find friends who are nearby.

  • I Like (Like)

The most popular button created by Facebook. It is useful to indicate that a content type is like who sees. Clicking Like is a way to make a positive comment and connect with the things you love on Facebook.

  • Mention

You can mention your friends in comments from state. If you type @ and start typing the name of friend, out matches and you can choose the corresponding Friend. To him comes a notice that warns you mention and may enter the state from the link.

  • Posts (Messages)

From the Facebook page there is a possibility to send a private message to contacts. The column on the left is the tab. It can also be done from the icon at the top left of the page as dialog cloud. This icon will also mark when there are new posts to read.

  • Wall (Wall)

It is the central element on which the user is associated with friends, where messages or other items are left (videos, links, photos ...). What hangs there is public for all contacts and appears in blogs, in reverse chronological order.
It is a space that exists in each profile, enabling contacts list friends to write messages, include photos or links for the user to see. A prerequisite for this is that only registered users, They can access the wall.

  • Notes

It is a feature that lets you publish what you're thinking rich formatting.

  • News (News Feed)

It is the set of updates, news, both videos and photos posted by friends as by those pages that follow. These occur al the time of entering Facebook, in the center column of the window.

  • Notifications

Notice that informs al Facebook user that someone has interacted with him. Is marked on the small icon at the top left of the page in the form of globe.

  • Notifications login

Notifications logon are a safety feature that can change your security settings.

  • Page (Page)

Pages function is similar to the personal profiles, because they allow the possibility of uploading, videos, notes etc.., but give more visibility to companies and the number of followers or fans of a page, is unlimited.
Pages allow businesses, Famous brands and maintain contact with users of Facebook.

  • Pages friendship

A friendly page displays a history of friendship between two friends Facebook.

  • Page Fans (Fan page)

The fan page is for profile creation by companies or entities that use it as a means of communication with their followers. It works similar to a listing and so you have to click "Like" to become a follower or fan.

  • Profile (Profile)

Set of traits or characteristics that define us as people. This information we include ourselves in the social network and may refer to information about our work, career, education, contact information, intereses y hobbies.
Profile (biography) is a complete picture of yourself on Facebook.

  • Instant Personalization

Instant personalization makes some selected websites more useful, they let you take your friends and interests.

  • Plug-in sociales

The social plugins are tools that other websites can use to provide people with personalized and social experiences.

  • Front

The cover is a large photo that is at the beginning of your timeline, just above your profile photo.

  • Networks

The networks are affiliations with schools or workplaces Facebook.

  • Registro de actividad

The activity log is a tool that allows you to review and manage everything you share on Facebook.

  • Audience Selector

The audience selector allows you to choose who can see the content you post whenever the public.

  • Sites (Places)

Through Facebook you can tell where you are or where you've been.

  • About me (About)

In this section you have all the information about you. Where you live, Where you study, etc.. Be very careful with the information in this section let.

  • Request

Friendship. It is the third small icon top left in silhouette form, indicating that someone has sent a friend request to the user. Everyone can send requests to those known in the network that.

  • Subscribe (Subscribe)

The act of starting to follow another user on Faceboook to receive your public updates.

  • Subscribers (Subscribers)

Are those still (namely, that have been signed) otro the user on Facebook.

  • Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a way to hearing from the people you fancy, even if they are not your friends.

  • Latest news

The News Feed is the constant updates list home page, that shows you the latest news from friends and pages you interact with who.

  • Video

Load short videos to share your experiences.

  • Video calls

Video calling is a feature that lets you talk to your friends face to face.


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