Excesivos me Gusta en Facebook

Excessive “I like” en Facebook

Hoy quiero hacer una pequeña reflexión sobre las ocasiones en las que hay mucha cantidad de “I Like” en algunas notificaciones en Facebook.

According to the help desk in the official page of Facebook, in the Glossary of Terms section we read “Click on “I like” is a way to make a positive comment and connect with the things you love on Facebook” or also “Click I like something a friend posted on Facebook is a simple way to tell that is to your liking, no comment”.

However, when notification of a sad news, as one who announces the death of a family, or news of a natural disaster where there were deaths, and are thousands of “I like”, at first sight is a print that is somewhat strange.

porque damos tantos me gustaWhat are meaning those users Button “I like” there?

"How are you going to put" like "to that tragedy?"I wonder at those times.

I guess they do that writing for publication that was interesting to them, or to give a tribute to that person or persons, pero creo que seria mejor usar la opción que nos ofrece Facebook de dejar un comentario. There would be an extensive review, just a comment pointing to the grief that caused you this news, condolences to the families, or few words of encouragement.

This is where Facebook should give us the possibility of another button which could indicate that the state notification or we do not like or we grieves.

Have emerged a few months ago, rumors that Facebook soon tendría a button to replace him “I Like”, but to date that button has not been released.

The only certainty is that the Social Network added icons to use in the chat, both the web version and mobile devices. We have a catalog free download, symbol thumbs down and others like image, para utilizarlos por el momento, in the chat. demasiados me gustaIn the end, each user is free to use the social network the way you want. The mi I wish Facebook, soon we offered the possibility of having that button and you can be well prepared to listen to requests from thousands of users as I hope.

Would you like to have other buttons to express different states?

While waiting we will use the stikers in chat, you indicate how descargarlos:

  • Opens a chat window, Click on the icon and go to the emoticons Store stickers.

Como descargar los stickers de Facebook

  • Click the button “Free”, and already have in the chat window to use in your conversations.

porque damos me gusta en Facebook


“Happiness is not doing what you want but wanting what you do”

( Jean Paul Sartre)

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