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How to disable three “annoying” Facebook features?

I love to use Facebook, pero tiene tres características que personalmente me resultan molestas.

I tell you what if you also annoy you, I indicated how to disable them.

¡No, that video ... now no!

Desde hace un tiempo al acceder a nuestro perfil de Facebook, when one of our @ s friends so pages we follow in Facebook shares up to a video, but do not click on the video, this comienza a reproducirse de forma automática, uncomfortable, may occur because we do not want to see all the videos on our wall, bell solo aquellos that really interest us.

Plus they can be played at the wrong time, and secondly, is that this consumes data from our data rate, so if you have many videos on our wall, puede que agotemos nuestro consumo de datos sin darnos cuenta.Para que esto no suceda solamente tenemos que proceder a desactivar esta opción que por defecto está activada.

En la versión de escritorio de PC debemos acceder a nuestro perfil de Facebook y una vez dentro:

1.- Darle al icono de la flechita que hay arriba a la derecha y elegir la opción de “Configuración”:
2.- Once in the setup, in the left column, elegimos la opción de “Vídeos”:
3.- Finally we see this screen in which, on the right side, elegimos la opción de “Desactivado”


cómo desactivar la reproducción automática de videos en Facebook

En teléfonos móvil Android debemos acceder a nuestra aplicación de Facebook y una vez dentro:

1-In the upper right corner, will click on the icon options (icon of the three bars). Thus, will access a menu of Facebook which we offer different options as managing news sections, Application Configuration, account settings.
2.-Buscamos la opción “configuración de aplicaciones”, click on it and it will open a new menu with various options.
3.-Seleccionamos la opción “reproducción automática de video”, which we see appears as activated so we'll have to click on it and choose one of the options that appear below us.
Podemos elegir la opción que prefiramos ya que nos aparecen varias como la reproducción automática activada, ground with Wi-Fi off the. So to prevent us Facebook consume mobile data, is advisable to "Wi-Fi Only" or "Off" option.

¡No, I do not want to play!

Otra característica que me resulta incomoda, es no parar de recibir invitaciones a juegos de Facebook a los que no quiero jugar.

You may also this will be inconvenient, something we can not always blame our @ s s Friend, as sometimes, the applications themselves are doers shipping automatically, if not properly configured.

Facebook nos da la opción de bloquear juegos o ignorar todas las invitaciones of a particular person.


In the Home screen, in the left sidebar, Games really have a number indicating the number of pending invitations.
Al presionar la palabra Juegos o la cantidad, Facebook enters the play area. If you look up, you will find that, junto a Actividad, again shows the number, so that, ve hasta allí y luego haz clic en la categoría Invitaciones. Then, Facebook show all you have outstanding.

Encima del botón Aceptar, puedes ver la indicación Ignorar todo, if you press, only invitation omitted in the game this time, but they keep coming in the future.

For each application block, you have to press the X on the left blue button.

cómo bloquear los juegos en Facebook

Now, you who you decide: If you block just the game, nobody else can send invitations to the same, the most interesting option if you do not want to play that game. La opción Ignorar todas las solicitudes… bloquearía las remitidas por ellas, but could llegarte other profiles for the same application.

Share it ... ..!

eliminar las cadenas de Facebook

Y la tercera característica de Facebook que me incomoda ( I even take it with good humor) son las cadenas de mensajes falsos (Hoax), an evil that appeals to our sensitivity, our heart, for spreading false news, something for which we do not have to deactivate buttons on Facebook.

Only an almost certain method to know when to not share something on Facebook: when they ask you to do.
The messages end up ordering that share in your Facebook Wall, have a high probability of being gust, the strings hoax.

Tu decides :“From now only see the videos that really want to play, you play the games you want to play and will share what I really want to share”

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