Recursos en Internet que ayudan en la busqueda de empleo

Internet resources that help in job search

With the advent of Internet, la forma en que realizamos una búsqueda de empleo ha cambiado. Atrás quedaron los tiempos en los que casi la única forma era buscar anuncios en periódicos.

Nowadays, Internet pone a nuestro alcance diversos recursos que podemos utilizar para hacer una búsqueda de empleo activa.

Something that is appreciated, because for this task, all tools available to us are very good help.


What are these Internet resources offered?


Currículum Vitae

El Cherramientas para hacer un curriculum vitaeurrículun Vitae any candidate for any office or work, It is your business card, Curriculum Vitae and only achieve capture the attention of the employer succeed in passing to the second step of the selection process: Job Interview.
So we must take the time and make the right tool for a CV that stands out from the other.

Years ago we picked up the typewriter and preparing. Now available online in various online tools where we can create our CV without having to be experts without the need to install anything on your PC.

I leave this great article for you to meet these tools:


Portales de empleo

portales de empleo en internetOtro feature that certainly are conocéis job portals.

In them we can record, create CV and point us to our Deals.
Another great resource, easy of use.

In this article I quote 35 good job portals, are many and they are even more, it is convenient to focus on a few that fit our profile.


Social Networks

Theredes sociales para encontrar trabajos Social Networks every day are more important and are becoming a useful allies to not only find work but also for the candidate by the HR departments of companies.

Companies know that almost everyone is on the Internet, before having a first meeting to investigate candidate for the Social Network.
Consult professional profiles on Linkedin, have a look at the account in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram candidate and provides them with valuable information that will surely not appear in the CV.

At this point it is important to emphasize that we must be careful what we post on social networks.

Aquí van dos grandes artículos que os ayudaran a gestionar las redes sociales si estas buscando trabajo.

For users of Twitter is not worth knowing:



Wherecomo realizar una entrevista de trabajogamos a la entrevista. Great !
Otro great resource that offers Internet, Web sites and blogs where we can take note and prepare for future interview to be arrived with clear ideas and answers to the questions we can pose well prepared.

In this fantastic blog,with author David García, aims to help people improve their personal and professional situation. Pasata by Allie, and find helpful information.

Do not overlook that when going to an interview, well we inform about the company that offers employment. At this point thanks to the Internet we can know much information about the company you chose to work, locate the Web and we can get lots of useful data, management model, products or services offered, situation, location, etc.…


todo sobre el teletrabajo

Maybe you're also thinking telework, es otra opción a tener en cuenta, because if so, You can visit the blog admirable Ruben Alonso, where you will find valuable information that will help.


Hope that helps, if it has been well: #cuéntalo y tú también ayudarás a más personas…

“The work and struggle always call the best”