sitios para conocer y usar los emojis

10 places to learn and use emoji

Los emojis, these symbols with a strong Japanese accent that help us express our smartphones more easily, providing more feeling messages, are nowadays, in a world that increasingly use more mobile, common and usual.

Empezamos a utilizarlos con los servicios de mensajería instantánea como Whatsapp, LINE o Facebook Messenger y se han convertido en una de las partes fundamentales de nuestra comunicación diaria a través de dispositivos móviles.

Dear @ s for and hated by otr @ s, the emoji are changing the way we communicate digitally.

Many believe that your use poorer communication and could become worse writers.

However, acceptance is overwhelming: Twitter started them on their web version in March, and has since been used 1.7 billion times.

The emoji feature so popular not only major chat platforms and mobile messaging are giving an increasing role.

La fama y el mayor uso de los emojis van mucho más lejos, whereas there have been many websites which know and use, while entertaining with these cute cartoons. where, if you're curious, puedes observar en tiempo real cuáles son los emojis más utilizados en Twitter. una enciclopedia que explica el significado de todos estos dibujos disponibles en la actualidad.

Wikemoji Dictionary and creator of compound sentences only by emojis, where we can use the available phrases and even create your own phrases that can be incorporated to the dictionary, shared directly in the Facebook social network and copied to the clipboard for pasting wherever you want: Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Google , etc..

Emojis Twitter que nos permite agregar todo tipo de emojis o emoticonos a los tuits que enviemos. All you have to do is enter the site, start typing the tweet and add all you want emojis.

Symbols for Twitter también nos permite agregar gran cantidad de símbolos en nuestros tuits de manera muy sencilla. donde se analiza psicológicamente a los usuarios según los pictogramas que más usan en WhatsApp.

Such is the success of emoji that, Bing recently allows searches with emoji. Si no estás seguro del significado de todos los emojis que rondan por Internet, You can play with this new feature Bing de Microsoft . From now emoji can be inserted into the search field of the tool shed and search results according to their meaning.

Besides looking for these icons, Bing also supports emoji words combine to make more complex searches.

Bing supports all emoji on your mobile version, also works when copying and pasting in a desktop browser. Initially the service is enabled only in English, but hopefully in the future, also count on support in other languages.

The emojis continue to rise and move into the world of mobile applications.

Si quieres ya puedes ver tu cara en forma de caricatura, App Bitmoji how to put your face emoji. This new mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices, nos permite crear y diseñar nuestros propios emojis personalizados.

The iOS version incorporates its own keyboard that can be used directly in messaging applications, such WhatsApp. While the Android version has shortcuts to our favorite chat applications.

Bitmoji es otra de las aplicaciones que está arrasando. Te permite crear un avatar personalizado (puedes elegir tu color de piel, tu pelo, tu vestuario, etc.) y convertirlo en un emoji o sticker al que posteriormente se le pueden cambiar las expresiones y estados de ánimo.

Was such a celebrity that have reached emojis, having up to a documentary entitled: “Emoji Among Us” en el que vemos a esos simpáticos iconos formando parte de nuestros quehaceres diarios en la vida “real”.

You can see that the trend of omitting text and express ourselves through these nice graphics can not be stopped. Not going to discuss the possible consequences of this fever emojis, the fact is that these sites will result possibly you entertained.

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