mi premio liebster adward

A generous gesture that values ​​work and perseverance of the blogger @ s

Gracias po el premio liebster adward

A few days ago I received a pleasant surprise: my blog had been awarded

el premio Liebster Award

Thanks a lot!

Es muy especial para mí, as someone who does what I, blogging, It is giving me recognition, something that has given me a great deal of motivation, for the nomination and especially because it comes from a fellow blogger who appreciates my work, Marijose Luque Fernandez from her fantastic blog Smiles Chameleon. Arrasamos…. (not fail to visit, you will love its pleasant and precious words).

It is said that The Liebster Award probably started in Germany, though not really know who took the initiative, but it is a symbolic prize awarded to a blogger @ @ blogger @ otr recognizing their work in cyberspace.

Este divertido premio virtual is intended, not only to recognize the work of blogger @ s, but also create a string to publicize or disseminate those blogs that are just starting and do not have a very high number of followers.

A bright idea, a generous gesture that values ​​work and perseverance of the blogger @ s, because being a blogger is a task that requires a lot of time to get to see results, and at that time is very important to maintain the motivation to move forward with our project.

The nominad @ s must:

Post the picture of the prize
Leave a comment
Nominate ten people
Post and comment

The nominad @ s are:

Alejandra blog Ariza

Set Web Mauricio Sevilla Britto

Management in digital presence of Emma Fernández

Blog de Jorge Felipe Fernández

Elmetodosedona Ana Suárez


Loli cuisine Dominguez

Laura Tea Zone Silgado

Between letters and Sonia coffee Ilemar

Between sighs and coffee. Patricia A

Congratulations to tod @ s!


Do not let the unwillingness or laziness prevent you from achieving success!

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