Todo un día Sin Internet

A whole day No Internet

Hace unos años un grupo británico , proposed to hold “Day Without The Internet” encouraging people to stop using Internet for 24 hours last Sunday, January.

As you see the proposition, ¿te animarías a celebrarlo?

Mormalmente the “days” as the Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc.. are celebrated in different ways, Day Without the Internet and just have a way to celebrate :

No using the Network.

For digital immigrants this would be easily accomplished, already spent years not only days but no Internet, but for Native digitales, live a day without them seems impossible Network.

La idea del Día Sin Internet was proposed under the premise that there are many reasons to “leave some side Internet” and devote that time to other activities.

Three powerful reasons would:

  • Internet is addictive (if only you can find friends, fun couple or hereby)
  • Internet takes you away from reality (increasing all the virtual, virtual friends, virtual stores)
  • Internet podria you bring physical problems (many hours at the computer can cause back problems, many hours with mobile devices may cause red eyes ..)

Actually Internet, is like all things in life, si no se abusa y se usa con moderación tiene sus ventajas, solo hay que saber equilibrar nuestro uso de Internet para que sea provechoso en nuestras vidas.

La propuesta del Día Sin Internet , annually generates controversy among users who favor and those who do not celebrate it held.

¿ Tú de que lado te posicionarías?


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