Programas para Realizar Videollamadas desde el PC

Programas para realizar Videollamadas desde el PC muy apropiados

There are many people who have a relative or friend living abroad (I'm one of those people) y para comunicarse con él, en la actualidad desde que surgió Internet tenemos más opciones, by email, enviando mensajes a través de alguna de las diversas aplicaciones de mensajería de las que existen en el mercado o hacer una videollamada.

We have long Skype para comunicarnos con otras personas a través de Internet, face to face on the computer screen, and also with the arrival of new devices such as tablets, smartphone o smar tv, tenemos otras alternativas a Skype para realizar videollamadas.

There are several applications exist to make a video call using a smartphone, pero si lo que te gusta es sentarte frente a la webcam y el micrófono del PC para hablar con algún familiar o amigo, something that despite the distance is warmer than a few words of text in a message or email, only need our friend or family provided the same service to us and for a while to chat with him.

I point out the characteristics of tres alternativas importantes que son muy populares y sencillas de usar, besides being free (basic choices).


programas para hacer videollamadasSkype

  • The first and best calling service on the Internet that exists in the world.
  • The most popular, has more than 600 million users.
  • Available for PC operating systems such as Windows, Windows 8 y RT, OS X y Linux.
  • Also available for many mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian, PS Vita y Windows phone, Smart TV's the Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and more.
  • Opportunity to speak with our Facebook friends and old contacts from Hotmail.
  • They can share files and photos, send messages and make voice calls and video.
  • Possibility to share the screen of your PC (only for premium accounts).
  • Possibility to make video calls between smartphone and PC.
  • It has a good picture quality and stable.
  • Skype account exciting rates to talk to landlines and mobile phones worldwide.
  • Since the 2009 is the largest operator of international calls.
  • You can download Skype for free on all platforms.
  • Information and download page:


tipos de programas voipTango

  • A great choice for use on your computer, tablet o smartphone.
  • No need to register to be a user.
  • Simple operation for smartphones, the installed, introduce our data (basically phone number) and within the application will scan your contacts to see which of them also have the application installed.
  • Offers free calls, texts, Video Messages, exchange of multimedia files and video calls quality.
  • Available for Android, iOS ,
    Windows PhoneWindows Phone y Windows.
    Windows Phone
  • The application automatically added to the list of contacts to the contacts in your address book who are users of Tango.
  • Official Website for more information and download the application:


para hacer videollamadasViber

  • Available for computers with Windows operating system.
  • Also available for Android platforms, iOS y Windows Phone, for other platforms, Bada as Blackberry or only includes sending text messages.
  • Easy to use, only have to associate our phone number to the application for all users that have Viber between our contacts and so they can be called free.
  • Official site for download and information:


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