Premio Best Blog-The versatile blogger Award

Premios Best blog y The Versatile Blogger Award

Me ha hecho una gran ilusión recibir estos premios de una estupenda compañera Erika Martin y se lo agradezco de todo corazón.

Es una satisfacción que me nomine con estos premios con la intención de promote fellowship among blogger @ s, además de ser una forma de mostrar cariño y admiración al trabajo que realizamos en la blogosfera.

anecdotas de secretariasErika Martin has a very original blog, Stories secretaries with always fun publications on everyday situations that happen in your secretarial work, tells the ins and outs of big business and how are current directors, yet always with an elegant and intelligent humor.

visitar el blog de Erika Martin

The rules for these awards are:

  • Include the image in an article award.
  • Mention and link to the blog that you would have granted.
  • Award the prize to another 10 blogs and communicate.
  • Tell something about yourself that you have not told.

One thing que os count, well of course as this is themed blog on Internet, did not put it in the section About Me, It is who I am “very greedy”, I love sugar and all that is sweet, chocolates, candies… uf that rich and delicious!!sobre mi

Volviendo a los premios, I understand that for various reasons some @ s unable or unwilling to continue with this that much @ s considered a string, anyway, sólo me gustaría que al ver sus nombres nominados sientan una gran alegría y satisfacción de pertenecer a un mundo 2.0 where precedence values ​​such as companionship, admiration and respect.

What Nominal @ s

I want to give these awards to the following blogs:

Congratulations to everyone s!

Haciendo click en la imágen te llevará a cada uno de estos estupendos blogs de diversas temáticas, for sure you will like.

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Marisol Martin
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13 thoughts on “Premios Best blog y The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hola y felicidades a todos los premiados. Recibir un premio siempre es muy agradable, si es de otro bloguero es increíblemente genial, y si es de alguien con un blog tan interesante como el tuyo, Coral, pues más aún. Y disculpa el retraso, las últimas semanas han sido muy intensas y en Semana Santa descansé…Un besazo y sigue regalándonos tus artículos.

    • Que bueno que te gusten los premios, pues te los mereces, además no podía dejar a mis lectores sin un enlace para visitar un blog estupendo en donde nos ayudas a gestionar las emociones y en definitiva a mejorar nuestra vida.
      Por supuesto que estas disculpada. Otro beso para ti!!

  2. and thanked you but you go back to the take for remembering my blog and especially make the entry of such an original way, in my last post those nominated for an award , currármelo not as much as you but I hope you do illusion , a greeting

    • I have gone through your blog, and has made me very excited, of course if!!
      Thank you very much!!
      There are times when no matter what form but the content, the idea, the essence, and in this case for me the most important is the gesture that you had.

  3. Thank you for your nomination Coral !!!!!!!!!!!!

    It has made a huge illusion meet here with such good blogs…Thank you.

    I'm glad I found on google and meet, even a little….. your songs are very interesting and I bring many things.

    A hug Friend!!!!

    • Glad you liked the prize Luisma, because in your blog WEBS GOOGLE do you have news, contents, applications, Tips, etc.. on Android, iOs, Google, WhatsApp and other issues, I am very interested and I think my readers also enjoy them, why you could not miss this list of good blogs.
      We remain in contact partner!!

  4. Hi Coral!!
    thanks for the presentation you made me. We have been very cool original post, como se nota que eres experta en estos temas 😉
    It was a pleasure nominarte, I follow for months and I learn a lot with your items. Congratulations!
    Congratulations to the other winners.
    Kisses, lovely

    • Thank you Erika, you deserve the presentation and more, hehe what to scream visiting your blog with a megaphone in the main square (in this case in the center of the post), I remember that I read on a blog as an original way to promote our blogs… and clear these days with me processions will be difficult to leave me a place in the square, así que lo hice en el blog… 😉
      A friend Kiss!!

  5. Hi Coral, sometimes it is not known why some people, a special feeling comes from nowhere, without rhyme or reason. They are strange things, because you do not need to talk, or be omnipresenteque to know that this support has… and that is happening to me with certain people in this world, It would seem that long ago and knew you are one of them.
    Congratulations first, and a million thanks for giving these awards, and approach other cool blogs…
    A very strong kiss to Leon, earth I'd like to meet someday.

    • Oh!!! Marisol to read you I've moved, what reason you have for the feeling it has occurred to me you like me ...
      When you feel like s friends in the real world is satisfactory, and win in the blogosphere is doubly satisfying ...
      Invited happen to my country course, if one day you can choose a trip and you warn me León.
      You deserve these awards and more ...
      A friend besazo!!

    • You most welcome, because if that you deserve, in your blog you convey many emotions and I like to read you.
      Thank for you, still writing, goes ahead with the view to the future and with a smile, though your heart cry, anything stop!
      A kiss!!

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