Nuevas profesiones gracias a Internet

New professions that have emerged thanks to the Internet

Internet, the Redis Social and New Technologies are every day more present in our lives, produce effects in all areas and as, in the workplace also.

Thanks to the Internet and new technologies have emerged new professions, professional profiles that did not exist, with which we have to go familiarizing, for though their names prove us some rare, currently and in the near future we will find people you know who are you engaged in these professions.

These professions were born in the years following the revolution of new technologies and the digital world, a continuación os cito una gran parte de las ofertas profesionales que existen actualmente.

The digital life continues innovating every day, traditional commerce is increasingly present in the Internet, companies also, so they will continue to emerge more digital professions.

Community Manager:

Responsible to manage and promote the communication of an organization or company on Social Networks.


Implements online advertising campaigns.


Online Marketing Manager, namely, advertising and promotion of a particular product.

SEO Specialist:

Responsible for positioning a website at the top of search engines.

Information Architect:

Responsible for planning and organizing all the content of a project for the user to find everything you need easily.

Data Scientist:

Analyze large volumes of data that the digital economy creates every minute.


A blogger is basically a person who independently writes a blog and usually has a more personal view. Interacts directly with the user.


It is the creative editor, their job is to create and write the script, title and slogan of a product, such as a banner ad.

Chief Digital:

Professional specializing in making the change from analog to digital in an organization or company.

Web Designer:

It is the creative person, with composition techniques, color and typography, Text Designs, audio, video, image, creative metaphors and color and makes it look all combined in an appropriate and attractive display to the user.

Web Developer:

With a purely technical profile, is skilled in analysis and programming, Development Manager apps, applications, programs, or games.


Is responsible for detecting the fashions and trends that emerge, for companies to create new articles.

Content Curator:

A professional responsible for filtering content. The content curator searches, selects and organizes the content on a particular topic.

“Happy is he who keeps a job that matches your hobby.”

(George Bernard Shaw)

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