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The best platforms to sell or buy handicrafts Internet

Existen muchas personas que realizan todo tipo de Crafts, handicrafts, hechos a mano que son prácticamente piezas únicas e irrepetibles, and that they can be very similar two products made by the same person, siempre habrá pequeñas diferencias que los hace ser únicos.

Personas que tienen pasión por crear, for details and the essence of the handmade.

Los productos artesanales son muy bien acogidos en Internet, Internet users value the exclusivity of these items and much more original and special to be, become more attractive to buyers online.

For connect sellers with buyers there plataformas online especializadas en la que por una parte, smallholders, craftsmen or merchants can sell and showcase their products, and other consumers can buy these products.

These online platforms are called Marketplace.

On one side are online stores where users can purchase the products they want within the range that offer, and on the other hand are platforms where small artisan producer or small trader can join in the platform, exhibiting and selling their creations.

The Marketplace takes care of all the necessary infrastructure, from charging customers and risk management in the collection.

They invest lots of money on marketing so often attract enough traffic from visitors.

They are always in constant development of new functionalities to be adapted to the market.

In exchange for these services platform vendors charge a small commission from sales made or in some cases a fixed monthly.

For a Marketplace seller puede ser un buen escaparate donde empezar a vender sus productos con una inversión baja. You can test and check the demand of your product, before launching (if it is your desire) the market with a traditional business or an online store you will have to make a larger initial investment.

For sellers who are considering selling their products in other countries is a good way to prove that such acceptance have.

Also in the Marketplace seller part of a community where you can share experiences and concerns with people in your same situation.

It should always clear that the store is not the seller, therefore be closed at any time.

As a possible drawback seller will have little brand image, some consumers may not remember your name, usually remember the the Marketplace. Although, in my personal opinion, a product such as handmade products and exclusive, as a consumer if I like to know who you think.
Antes de citar las plataformas online que tenemos en Internet donde podemos comprar o vender productos hechos a mano, recordar si eres vendedor, before exposing your products in any of these platforms, is desirable and very important that you read very carefully the conditions or rules of use.

También es interesante leer la sección FAQ (faq) and dig a little in the forum, to get an idea of ​​its operation, y si se tiene alguna duda consultar mediante un correo en la sección ayuda al cliente o contacto.

Si vas a ser comprador debes tener en cuenta estos 10 Tips for shopping online.

The comment 7 interesting platforms:

plataformas para vender o comprar artesaniaDaWanda

It is the most comprehensive European Web, en concreto es alemana y esta perfectamente adaptada para los clientes españoles.

All texts, especially legal and terms of use is in Spanish.

It is easy to use, information is clear and is well organized. En la parte inferior de la página se encuentran las secciones para vender, buy, help and community.

It allows the creator to have your own store within the Web, with your own name, logo and record store. Users can manage their own products, categories, orders and many more options.

They charge a commission 5% for every sale. Parcel shipping and shipping prices are managed by the seller.
As methods of payment are cash on delivery, bank transfer PayPal.

Ir a DaWanda

comprar o vender artesania en internetEtsy

It's probably the number one. His numbers are spectacular over 25 million users, above 850000 stores, 42 million visits, 1.5 million page views, among other shocking statistics. It is an American company founded by Rob Kalin in early 2005.

It has a nice and clear design, besides simple operation. Features blog, forum, workshops, promotions and lots of other things.
It also allows the creator to have your own store within the Web, with your own name, logo and record store. Users can manage their own products, categories, orders and many more options.

The workflow is very well organized with explanations and assistance in all steps. The information is well organized and accessible at all times. The creation process is quick and easy.
Each product is discharged must be paid 20 cents. If the product is not sold must be renewed after 4 months. If sold to be renewed again 20 cents. Also charge a 3,5% commission for each transaction. Aunque in sales will have to pay, is that the only way.

Ir a etsy

que son los maketplaceArtesanio

It is a Spanish Web, based in Barakaldo (Biscay), también con un diseño claro, simple and is well organized.

It allows the creator to have your own store within the Web, with your own name, logo and record store. Users can manage their own products, orders and other options. El envío del paquete y los precios de envío los gestiona el vendedor.Como opciones de pago tienen pago contra reembolso, bank transfer PayPal.

They have two plans annual payment of 19.95 € / year, the, Monthly 1.95 € / month. Not paid until the first sale. Also apply a fee of 3% for every sale.
Other utilities are able to follow the stores you love, send messages to your contacts, be informed of industry events and join a community that is passionate about craft techniques such as crochet, forging, el patchwork, modeling, Jewelry, wood or glass.

Go to Craft

conectar vendedores y compradores de artesania en internetLanoa

It is a relatively new project for small artisans.
La tarifa de alta en esta plataforma es de 15€ que es válida durante 2 months. If you exceed 100 € per month Information, applies a fee of 10% the difference.
This platform also enables you to promote your workshops and courses.

In principle, for more information should contact (by calling a mobile number or email, indicated on page) con su creadora Diana Maján.

Ir a Lanoa

plataformas de artesania en internetArtesanum

Es una plataforma desarrollada por el Grupo Intercom. El Grupo Intercom undertakes during donar 20 years Artesanum gains for social projects in developing countries, many with communities with crafts as their main source of income.
It allows the creator to have your own store within the Web, with your own name, logo and record store. Users can manage their own products, orders and other options.

Parcel shipping and shipping prices are managed by the seller. As methods of payment are cash on delivery, bank transfer, PayPal and card payment.

You have 2 payment plans. El básico es completamente gratis pero no tiene posicionamiento en la Web ni métodos de pago ni opciones de crear ofertas. Only allows you to showcase your products. El plan pro donde puedes vender tus productos. It has a committee 5% sales, which compared to other sites is very well.
It has blog and forums to share ideas and find information about courses, fairs and workshops. In short it is a great very complete and easy to use website.

Go to Artesanum

opciones para comprar o vender artesania en internetCraftual

Es una plataforma española creada en 2011.Un lugar de encuentro en Internet, where to buy and sell art, handmade creations, handmade objects, natural products, Live the producer or creator to buyer.

Promote original and unique handmade things, and refuse to be a platform for resale or auction and second hand.
When you sell a handmade product from your online store, Craftual charges a small commission on the sale online, depending on your sales volume.
• Hasta 100 € of monthly sales figure, the commission is 9% (VAT).
• Between 100 € y 1.000 € of monthly sales figure, the commission is 7% (VAT).
• Over 1.000 € of monthly sales figure, the commission is 5% (VAT).

Ir a Craftual

contacto entre vendedores y compradores de artesania en internetEzebee

Ezebee es una interesante opción gratuita that connects buyers and sellers.

Más que una plataforma de venta online es un escaparate para tus productos.

The buyer contacts you and remember how to checkout. You can create multiple stores from a single account in a few steps.

Article with more information on

Need a Ezebee

“Work done with taste and love, is always an original and unique creation”
(Roberto Sapriz)

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  1. Si eres artista y dispones de creaciones propias no dudes en registrarte en para publicar tus productos. No nos quedamos ni un solo euro de la venta de tu artículo.
    Pretendemos unir a todos los artistas de diferentes especialidades, para que al comprador le sea mas fácil encontrarnos, todos tenemos nuestra web que solo visitan nuestros conocidos, en nous creadors si nos unimos seremos un escaparate gigante de arte y es totalmente gratuito.
    Existe algo parecido pero no tan especializado en arte y diseño.
    Ventajas de nous frente a otros sitios web, es que es a nivel estatal así te es mas fácil calcular y unificar los costes de envío, no hay que pagar mas para tener mas visibilidad en la web y vender, es totalmente gratis.
    No pierdes nada por probar y poner esa pieza que tienes en casa criando telarañas.
    Estamos en todas las redes sociales, os animo a seguirnos

  2. Hola me llamo Beatriz y produzco artesanía finas: huevos calados, capitoné, bordado chino, tejidos, etc.. me gustaría participar de la página mostrando mis trabajo.-
    Thank you very much

  3. hola soy artesano peruano ago artesanías hecho amano,as:llaveros,artículos de escritorios,decorativos,bisuterías y juguetes otros..


    Thank you.

    • Hello!! En general estas plataformas reunen a muchos artesanos independientes de todas las partes del mundo y les permiten vender los productos que fabrican a un mercado dirigido a personas en cualquier parte del mundo.

  5. Hello! Muchas gracias por la información. Imagino que todas las ventas que se hacen a través de estos portales tienen factura, truth? En ese caso antes de ofrecer nuestros productos en alguno de estos portales tendríamos que darnos de alta como empresa o algo así? Si alguien me puede ayudar con este tema se lo agradezco mucho, pues no me queda tan claro si es tan simple como ofrecer tus productos y ya, o se deben hacer más cosas.

  6. Quisiera ayuda para localizar en Madrid una tienda que vendiera cortinas hechas con cuentas, cristales, mariposas, etc.. Las vi en una´web argentina… Thanks

  7. Me alegro que le guste el artículo y gracias por compartir un nuevo sitio. Es una buena información para incluir en un próximo artículo y así compartir otros sitios en los cuales los artesanos puedan vender sus productos.

  8. We just launched makes very little It is a marketplace focused on art (painting, craft and sculpture) and centered in Europe (is translated into English, Spanish and Danish), but have no place stores any country.

    We invite you to take a look now that we are launching, you have nothing to lose. We offer a promotion code to open a shop to convert your account Plus. We do not charge monthly fees, only a small commission when you sell. 🙂

    • Thank you very much for the visit and leave the invitation to this excellent place to open a store.
      I wish you all the best in its release on the Web.

  9. Hello, Thank you very much for the post! I served much, I'm from Argentina and in a year or so'm about to go live in Spain and I'm starting to work with crafts, It is something I like very much and would like to dedicate this when you get beyond. Congratulations to do some beautiful work, I leave my facebook page to visit me,
    Hope you like my stuff and any feedback or data that can provide me would help me a lot.
    Many Thanks!

    • A lovely stuff, Barbara. Glad to hear this helped this article.
      Please leave your comment and I wish the best for you fulfill your dreams.

    • Thank you very much for bringing your site, I ignored him. However, may be included in another article, it is another good place for people who want to sell their crafts and art have a chance.

  10. No that Maite, Thanks for your comment. You are wonderful people with great creativity, great enthusiasm and effort and work you carry out spectacular and original crafts. I wish you good luck with your work. Regards!!

  11. Hello good morning. Thank you for reporting detail the differences between different platforms craft sale. We are beginning and are dedicated to making products with wooden pallets. Here in Spain there is not as widespread as in the US market, but grows.
    Information like this helps us a great help to take our first steps.

  12. Finally I find a comparison with prices! Sometimes it becomes very cumbersome to go searching every marketplace fees or prices high,many of them are in English or do not clearly explain the difference in commission based sales volume.
    I'll take Dawanda and artesanum(I loved the theme of social commitment,totally unaware that)
    And I take for you to visit my website(We're just getting started and help is still good)

    • Glad to have served useful article. A good Web, a great showcase their products. I wish you good luck and a lot of sales.
      Thank you for visiting. Regards!!

    • I'm glad the post have found it useful. I have gone through your website and is extraordinarily beautiful, and their products. I invite my readers who visit. I wish you all the best with their new stores.

  13. Thanks for all this information,I am still very novice and had no idea there were so many sales platforms,Connectable with alguna.Dejo will try my blog if you want to browse a bit

    • Thank you for visiting Maria José and leave your comment. Your blog is the best showcase for your precious crafts, however you may try some Marketplace. It's another good chance to be seen by more potential customers. Regards!!

  14. company specializes in artisan quality products and customized to each client relationship between our disciplines website are the saddlery, goldsmithing, ceramics,joinery and toys.

  15. We have an English website where professional companies connect with customers on the Costa del Sol. There you can put your company on our website, and get new customers. It is an online bidding site.

  16. hello good afternoon, I have a question, someone could inform me about any contact that sells like pins wooden design of algon monkey named Teacher? at some point you gave me but I have not found anyone who sells this type deartesanias, if someone could tell me a contact that you make are the agradeceria

    • hola Monica soy Alejandra mi esposo hace artesania con macocel y les aplica poliester me gustaria enseñarte alguno de sus trabajos a lo mejor te interesa para tus prendedores que quieres te dejo mis datos

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