Aparatos y objetos que hemos dejado de usar

It is no longer used due to technological advances

At this time, cuando al darnos cuenta de que se acaba el año, nos ponemos a hacer balance de lo que hemos hecho en el año que termina y los planes para el próximo.

We think our purposes, evaluate our achievements, aprendemos de nuestros errores, en definitiva echamos la vista atrás recordando lo vivido y realizado en el año que se acaba.

But today, the language of the web going to do another balance, Looking back a little more, makes a 25 años haciendo un balance especial tecnológico of the devices and objects that have stopped using because (or to improve) as the rapid advance of technology.

Puede que en tu casa aún guardas alguno de estos objetos que te voy a nombrar, if so, seguro que te gusta lo vintage o retro y por eso no te deshaces de ellos.

💡 The first object, sure did not save home, but if the memory

objetos en deshuso

Public phones, telephone booths

Esas cabinas donde podías encerrarte para tener un poco de privacidad mientras llamabas a alguien.

Mobile phones have not only supplanted payphones, but landlines house.


💡 The second object is stopped using (in Spain) in 2010, It was a big change

Analog TV

Con sus enormes televisores y las “antenas de orejas” que debíamos ajustar a cada rato para obtener una mejor recepción, dando paso a la TV digital, with unmatched quality and clarity in large flatscreens.

💡 The third object, I hope you never had the need to use

objetos que van a desaparecerSOS Poles

Unos dispositivos instalados junto a las vías, que permitían ponerse en contacto directo con la Dirección General de Tráfico, at any time, communicate to any incident occurring on the road as accidents or breakdowns.

The emergence of mobile technology has made these posts are already so little votes, con lo cual el desmontaje de los postes que se inició en el año 2011. Yes, these posts are to be kept at certain points where required by law, como en el interior de túneles donde la cobertura móvil está limitada.

💡 The fourth object, says that in some otro quebradero upside rebobinarlos

objetos en deshusoMusic cassettes

Algo que ya es casi una reliquia, que guardamos con cariño, pues nos dieron posiblemente muchas horas de buena música, although the sound quality, Now comparing was not as good.


💡 The fifth object happens as the previous, recall we were at home

objetos que ya no usamosLos VHS

Con películas caseras, that occasionally introduce a VCR to remember old times. Currently and all digital cameras let you record videos on flash drives we can see that after connecting the camera to your TV or computer.

💡 The sixth object, was something that was not in every home, but if it was very helpful

El contestador de teléfono

Esa maquinita que conectábamos al teléfono para que nos dejaran mensajes cuando no estábamos en casa. Currently all companies that offer phone services, whether for home or mobile, allow us to store digital messages in mailboxes without connecting other equipment to your.

💡 With the seventh took us to see the photos we carried, for he had to go to the store to reveal

objetos que ya no usamosCameras using rolls of film

Donde solo tenías una oportunidad para sacar una buena foto.

Two events marked the death chamber rolls: the first was when Polaroid stopped making their famous instant cameras rolls. The other was the bankruptcy of Kodak Company, were actually three events, the third was the arrival on the market of digital cameras.

💡 Eighth, was the most, take music everywhere

El Wobjetos que ya no usamosalkman

Enganchado al pantalón, we could take it with us where we might have, enjoy our favorite songs, So if you recorded on a cassette.


💡 The ninth, Most knew him at school

objetos que ya no usamosThe projector slides or overheads

Donde conocíamos los reptiles, arachnids, or history, overhead after overhead in the dark.


💡 The tenth is usually many homes but is very hard to find ink for it

objetos que ya no usamosTypewriters

Las famosas olivetti, where we learned to write with 10 fingers, giving blow after blow.



¡Que recuerdos! Would they made less?

Are you still using any of them? Do the guards fondly? Do they have come to know?

” No worse nostalgia that never ever miss what happened.”


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