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On the Internet it is never too late if you want to learn a language

How would you like to start studying a language?

One, and we know that we are not at the beginning of the year, where we intend to study a language, go to the gym and purposes that rarely meet ( al menos yo 🙁 )

Tranquil@, dice el refrán “It is never too late if that is good”

Iniciar el estudio de algún idioma o perfeccionar ese idioma que tienes abandonado, a tu ritmo y sin necesidad de pagar matrículas o acudir físicamente a clases en academias, es posible gracias a que Internet nos ofrece muchas facilidades para aprender nuevas cosas.
Thus, you just need to make the determination to get it and take a little time, que te voy a indicar unas páginas donde aprender idiomas por Internet, so you can prepare or improve the language you want.

Among the great variety of options for learning languages ​​online, I indicate the 6 services most interesting and useful.

idiomas online en internetChineasy

The Chinese, perhaps it is one of the languages ​​of the future that costs more to learn.

Puede que no sea el idioma que quieres aprender, however, si te apetece empezar con el aprendizaje del chino online, on this website you can begin.
Chineasy es un método visual que usa iconos para hacer de la lectura de los caracteres chinos algo divertido y fácil. By learning the simplest characters through fun illustrations, learn to combine them to create new words and concepts.

For the basics of Chinese is very good.

plataformas para idiomas onlineDuolingo

Duolingo es una plataforma gratuita utilizada por miles de personas para aprender idiomas de una manera sencilla y divertida.
Use existing texts in the Web to create your exercises, why is billed as "the solution that helps you learn language while translating the Web".

The translations are actually perform for companies who need to pay for it and Duolingo, so users goes Free (and no ads).
Instead of memorizing Duolingo vocabulary is based on the practice. Learn with lessons on the fly and translating sentences and texts adapted to your language level.
It offers courses in English, Portuguese, German, italiano y francés.
Application, available via the web and for iOS and Android platforms.


aprender idiomas en internetDum

Esta es una página donde podemos aprender de forma gratuita hasta nueve idiomas diferentes al mismo tiempo que pasamos un rato entretenido.
Due to its characteristics is perfect for learning the smaller, but it is also equally effective for older children.

El sitio cuenta con hasta cinco juegos distintos para aprender el vocabulario y la pronunciación de nueve idiomas diferentes, The idea is to associate the words that go with the image we dictating that represents.


servicios para estudiar idiomas onlineLivemocha

Esta plataforma es una mezcla entre red social y sistema de cursos interactivos que pretende aprovechar lo mejor de ambos mundos para ayudar a su comunidad a aprender idiomas.
Available in multiple languages, including Spanish, and is configured to allow learning English, French, German, Portuguese, Arabic and many more.
The page works as a social network in its most traditional sense, including profiles, chats, image upload, posts, etc..
The tool proposes recommended users who are learning the same language as us and dominate, so that we can create a group of contacts you make friends while we practice the language.
For the community to work, users have to act as both students and teachers, así que nos anima a corregir los trabajos realizados por otros estudiantes.Por cada revisión que hagamos se nos concederán fichas, required to redeem for the courses we want to make.
Accounts are free at Livemocha, so we can enjoy the possibilities of their social community without paying anything for it. To access the courses however we must redeem the virtual tokens that can be gained by helping others with their work or paying for them.

donde aprender idiomas en internetBusuu

Es una de las que llevan más tiempo en la tarea de aprender idiomas online and probably one of the most complete.

Language selector is widest, has twelve languages ​​to choose.

Works based interactive courses where the user community plays an important role in establishing video-conferencing conversations.
The most basic version is free, but if you want access to some more advanced tools, pay a small monthly fee. It also has applications for iOS and Android.
In the free placement test option includes, vocabulary, reading and writing exercises and interactive quizzes.

mejores sitios para idiomas onlineBabbel

To start we need to create a user account and upon completion, Web only takes us two questions: what language we choose and how we start area vocabulary.
Elegido el curso temático con el que vamos a empezar, we must again decide whether to do it with or without speech recognition and how fast.
It is interesting for those who already have a basic understanding, but need strong reinforcement for a given area.
The lessons are short, about 20 each simple exercises that can be completed in about 15 minutes. And each course has about fifteen lessons that go up in level, graphics support, text and voice.
Babbel is not free. Allows use of the first lessons of each course, but if we want to go further we have to pay or subscription for a month or accomidate quarterly and annual options.
Babbel is available in your web application format, and through applications for iOS or specific programs for Windows and Mac.

Do you know any other interesting site for learning languages ​​online?
If so, feel free to leave your comment.

P.D. If you liked, compártelo… you know: “It is never too late if that is good”


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  1. Y internet se ha vuelto en una herramienta de enseñanza a nivel mundial tan importante que aprender portugues por internet se vuelve mas accesible para cualquier persona en el mundo que tenga acceso yo recomiendo hacer el curso en, donde cuenta con profesores calificados y disponibles en el momento que sea necesario solo ingresado a Skype y recibiendo la clases

  2. Interesante Corinpave, sólo conocía a busuu (del que tengo cuenta) y a duolingo que lamentablemente con la pérdida de mi teléfono quedó en el olvido.

    Como acertadamente afirmas, nunca es tarde. 🙂


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