Do You Know The Bike Computers?

This autumn weekend, continue with sports and technology, un duo de actividades que seguramente os gustan a much@s.

Bicycle Computers! ¿los conoces?

Garmin was the first company to bring the GPS the market for bicycle computers: the first to allow cyclists may reflect its route on the map and detailed record accuracy metrics can only provide the technology GPS.

If your favorite sport is cycling and also you love technology you can not miss these small but powerful Bicycle computers with GPS.

Knowing most important characteristics, we see that as mentioned above is a small but powerful computer:

  • Touchscreen.
  • Real-time weather information, forecasts and warnings directly,
  • When you complete a tour, muestran los nuevos registros personales conseguidos durante el trayecto, the longest distance, higher ascension, the 40 km faster….
  • Stay connected when you're away from home or on the mountain and share your journey with friends, family, and included with tus rivales,
  • Connection functions when linked to smartphone (Apple o Android™) and the Garmin Connect ™ Mobile. This feature helps you save battery and offers the most complete travel information,
  • Share route via social networks to motivate others and to recognize your efforts. This feature lets you post an update immediately after finishing the course or the race with a link to full activity. 'll Edit your publications through smartphone and ride data will already be published, Thanks to the interface with Garmin Mobile Connect.

The GPS cycling are great accessories that we can not miss in our favorite sport.

“There is no point running, what is appropriate from time.”
(Jean de la Fontaine)


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